Havin' A Good Time With Chatime

Last February 8, 2013, after our lunch at Ineng's, Me, Tere and Arjay decided to have some milk tea at Chatime. Personally, I was excited to finally taste their milk tea! Some of the feedback I've heard was their milk tea is delicious. To satisfy my curiosity, I have to try it!

Tere recommended me to try their milk teas which is included in their top 10 list. I chose Red Bean Milk Tea.

This is the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) buzzer. This buzzer will light up once you're order is ready. 

Here's the Red Bean Milk Tea. This drink is included in the Top 10 milk teas and since I like red beans, it's a perfect drink for me to try. This one also has black pearls. I just ordered a regular size.

Price: 90 Pesos 

Closer look
Just as I've expected, this one is definitely a must try! The red beans were delicious. The black pearls made me chew but it's alright. The milk tea had the right taste for my taste buds. It's because I requested to just put 30% sugar in it.

Whenever you are in a milk tea store, just like Chatime's slogan, just have a good time! :D

Here are the branches of Chatime. By just looking at their flags, you'll know where to go.

I had fun chatting with my blogger friends while drinking our delicious milk teas! I'm glad to discover Chatime. If not with them, I would have never tasted their milk tea! Until next time! (I hope they'll open in SM City Davao! :D) 

If you want to know more about the Chatime, click the following links:

Facebook Page: Chatime on Facebook

Website: Chatime Website


  1. Pearl Milk Tea and Passion Fruit our favourites. Good thing Chatime had opened up a store here in Davao.

  2. Yes indeed! Gotta love the Red Bean Milk Tea!

  3. I totally find the concept of picking up your order unique! Plus, they have a huge selection of drinks to choose from that I had a hard time picking at first. But thankfully, I loved my pick and would love to order again!

    You can also read my review here: http://davaofoodguide.blogspot.com/2013/06/chatime-review-hit-by-milk-tea-bug.html


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