Razon's Halo-Halo @ G-Mall of Davao

Razon's G-Mall Branch
When you say Razon's, what comes first into your mind? Their signature halo-halo!
They opened their 1st branch here in Davao at G-Mall. Right after, they opened another branch at Damosa. Their newest branch is at SM Lanang Premier.

Even though Razon's are known for their halo-halo, they also serve dinuguan, puto, fresh lumpia, pancit palabok, etc. The location of this branch is at the 4th floor beside Tealoca.

Their space is quite small but I remember in MOA branch when we have to be cramped up in a tiny space! When they finally opened their branch here in Davao, I was excited to taste their halo-halo that has been the talk of the town! Everyone was just as curious as I am.

Now, this is their halo-halo that I've been talking about. It only consist of 3 ingredients. Aside from shaved ice and milk, these 3 ingredients are banana, macapuno and leche flan. I think the sweetness of leche flan, banana and macapuno are enough to give sweetness of the halo-halo. (Sorry for the blurry picture.. I knew something was wrong with this picture. *Sigh*)

Price: 70 Pesos

The technique to eat this halo-halo is to mix underneath since the spoon is already placed on the cup. Just continue mixing until the shaved ice subsides. When it subsides, you can mix it like the usual halo-halo. Mix them well too! Just like the 1st time I've tasted the halo-halo, the sweetness of banana and macapuno blended so well that you don't need a sugar in it. I love the taste of the halo-halo overall.

I actually visited this branch like 3 times already and this is my 4th time and I actually had a good time eating their halo-halo! The place is also conducive for those who want to eat their snacks in a place where you can enjoy good food with your family and friends. It's not crowded but they have lots of customers especially snack time. If I have time and want to have some good snacks, I will definitely visit Razon's.

Thanks for reading! :D

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