Abreeza Place: Life In Leisure

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March 23, 2013 - Abreeza Place had an exhibit in Abreeza Atrium entitled Abreeza Place: Life in Leisure. It talks about not just having a place to live, but also experiencing a lifestyle that's full of leisure, relaxation and creativity. By all of these descriptions mentioned, Abreeza Place fits the bill.

Abreeza Place
Media and bloggers were invited in this special event on how the Abreeza Place differs from other condominiums here in Davao City.

In the exhibit, the description says:

" Experience an imaginative approach to daily leisure living as Abreeza Place presents a creative showcase of arts, fashion and living."

Abreeza Place Tower 1
In the exhibit, they displayed the rendering of what will Abreeza Place look like. Every tower will be distant from each other.

As we began our tour, Ms. Sharleen Chua explained to us the different creations led by different designers. In this picture, they were challenged as they were to design a dress made of cheese cloth. These designs were created by Junnie Artajo, Windell Mira and Frida

I was amazed on how they could create such beautiful designs made of cheese cloth. Only the creative minds can do this one. It displays how a simple cloth can be a designer's signature creation.

This cozy chair is made by no less than Ann Pamintuan. She is known for the metal designs and creations such as the chairs and the ornaments. With this challenge, she was made to create out of the cheese cloth which is said to be her first time. This chair turned out to be unique in the eyes and even sat on it!

These are the live mannequins who wore the dresses being displayed in the atrium. Remember, they're all made of cheese cloth. Enjoy the pictures!

That's it! I had fun in their exhibit as I've learned a lot of things about the Abreeza Place and how it's different from other condos. Many thanks to Ms. Marissa for inviting us! :D

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