Blugre Opens Their 10th Branch

Blugre has been in the business since 1998, bringing not just a cup of coffee and pastries, but also the lifestyle that the customers will always return for more. Blugre is not your ordinary coffee shop as it promises to bring a cozy and warm atmosphere plus their signature coffee and desserts that you'll always crave on.

Just last February 28, 2013, guests and bloggers were invited to the opening of their 10th branch in Malvar Branch which is their newest branch up to date.

The entrance to their newest branch

The counter. Blugre has wide array of choices of desserts that I'm sure, you'll have a hard time to pick one. I've tried their macaroons and it was so good! Their best-seller, as far as I know is the Choco Torte. It's a mouthwatering dessert that will crave every foodie's eyes. Shall I say, it's a piece of art? You will see it later as I have a picture of it! :D

I mentioned earlier about the cozy and warm atmosphere of every Blugre branches here in Davao. The Malvar branch did just that. It's always a different feeling whenever I enter Blugre. You're relaxed, you feel like you're at home with a cup of coffee in the table. But for this event, the branch was filled with invited guests and bloggers.

What's new with this branch? As you can see in the picture, they can now hold performances for the local artists. It's good to know that Blugre is not just a cup of coffee and a plate of dessert, it's also a venue for good live music for those who want to relax and at the same time, listen to the voice of the performers that sings their heart out.

In fact, I was given a chance to perform a song for the guests even though I was not fully prepared. Lemme say, I was surprised when they called my name out to sing a song. I just sang a song that I knew best. And because of my performance, I was given an Espresso Cup from Blugre! Thank you so much! :D

In coffee shops, we're used to order in the counter. But in Blugre, Malvar Branch, they introduced a new way to order. By using your tablet, you can now make an order! It's so convenient that you don't even need to order in the counter for your coffee and dessert. Blugre is surely the pioneer with this new system. Soon, they'll implement this system in all Blugre branches.

Here are some of their delectable desserts. I've tried this pasta dish during this event. It's delicious and every spoonful of this dish counts. It has tuna in it and as a tuna lover, somehow it's a good mix with both of my favorites are in one plate.

This is the Choco Torte that I'm dying to taste! I haven't eaten this dessert but as what I've said, it's their best-seller.

This is their Banana streusels. Streusels is a crumbly topping for cakes or breads. Oftentimes, streusels has chopped nuts on the top.

This is their Red Velvet. I've tried Red Velvet but it's a cupcake. I have yet to try this one but I'm sure this is delicious.

This is their Cookies and Cream. It's one of their non-caffeine drinks. Whenever I visit Blugre, this is the one that I always look for and it never failed me as it met my expectations.Why choose this flavor among all the drinks?

By choosing Cookies and Cream, with just the first sip, you'll taste all of the flavors that you want to taste. Unlike any other non-caffeine drinks, from top to bottom, you can still enjoy Cookies and Cream and finish it all! Even though it's a bit pricey, it's worth the money you spent on this non-caffeine drink. Delizioso!

Price: 130 Pesos (Tall)

The event was a success! Thanks Blugre for inviting us for their new branch. I might be a regular customer since it's just one ride from school. And I will taste that Choco Torte! Again, thanks Blugre!

To know more about Blugre Coffee, just click the link:


  1. The event that I should have attended. Grrr! They have plenty of selection to satisfy a sweet tooth huh?... will visit them some time. :)

  2. The cakes are mouth watering, love the designs. I am craving for it.

  3. Wow! the choco tarte looks so delicious! I wanna taste it :D


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