Chinese New Year Photowalk 2013

I've been taking pictures around Davao since I got the camera and I always make sure to take great pictures of my beloved city that I fell in love with. Haay.. :D

Last February 9, 2013, me and my fellow bloggers had a Chinese New Year Photowalk to celebrate Chinese New Year. And as planned, we wore red shirt since it's a lucky color (in my opinion though!) and it's nice that we're uniformed. :D

Lon Wa Buddhist Temple
 Our first destination was the Lon Wa Buddhist Temple. It's located in Cabaguio Avenue. It's actually a small temple and the entrance is free!

Here are some of the photos..

Inside Lon Wa Buddhist Temple
Inside Lon Wa Buddhist Temple. Visitors can pray here. You have to take off your shoes or sandals or slippers for you to enter the temple and experience peace and silence.

In this room, we're allowed to make a wish. But we have to recite a prayer prior to it. What I did was, I picked up incense sticks, lit them in the candle, then recited a prayer. Afterwards picked up two pieces of oval-shaped woods to determine if my wish will come true. If they face opposite sides, it's positive. If they face same sides, well, it's negative.

After Lon Wa Buddhist Temple, we went straight ahead to the Chinatown where we took pictures of arches. We were gunning for 4 arches but due to unexpected circumstances such as rain, we were able to take only 2 pictures of arches. Though some of us managed to take 3 pictures of arches. Fortunately, the rain stopped! which means, we can take decent photos of the arches! Here are the arches. :D

After taking pictures of the arches, we decided to have a milk tea break.
This is DCLA.

While in DCLA, the rain poured out again and it's so hard! It was impossible for us to complete 4 arches. Luckily, fellow blogger Natalie directed us to a restaurant that serves authentic and traditional Chinese food. With that, we were fortunate to taste them and I loved it! We had so much fun while waiting for the rain to at least slow down.

After all, It was a photowalk that I will remember. It was so unforgettable yet fun event! It was an like an adventure that fills up your life and will terribly loss half of your life not experiencing an epic journey! Until the next photowalk guys! And this time, no rain please.. :D

Thanks for reading!


  1. I haven't been to any photowalk before, but this one makes me think of looking for a group to join.. :D

  2. Its been to a few photowalks..
    Though I actually prefer the DIY.
    Its nice to be with a company of people who has similar interest, when doing something like this.
    You get to learn much from others, especially in photography.

  3. it is really nice taking pictures with your friends, Specially when you are on travel or in a occation like this. .

  4. Glen is so distinguishable from the bunch (that's him, right?)! Heheh.. I'm actually going to Davao for kadayawan. I hope I get to take photos of Chinatown too while there. :)

  5. those photos are amazing! i haven't done photowalk before with groups or with someone hehe I always take photos of random things around and make sure i have my camera ready all the time! xx

  6. It's nice to appreciate China's culture via this photowalk and I'm sure it was also festive as this was during the Chinese New Year.

  7. Now I miss Putowalk (as we called it) with my friends in Malaysia. Taking snapshots in Chinese Temples and even china towns have endless subjects.

  8. Nice photos! yeah! what I really like about Chinese temples was that they are so colorful, as bright as their cultures. Of course, I love color red too.

  9. Great Photos! I love the 5th and 6th pics. Wish to join this kind of group someday.:)

  10. Photowalk with friends and peers is a great experience. It is becoming a craze in our photo addict society.

  11. Great shots, it seems na all Chinese Buddhist temples contain all those colorful icons. Sa China na lang ata walang Chinatown..

  12. interesting shots. wondering what those Chinese characters on the wall means.


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