Rong Fa Chinese Restaurant

February 9, 2013 - During the Chinese New Year Photowalk, while my fellow bloggers got stranded at DCLA, fellow blogger Natalie directed us to a Chinese restaurant just at the back of DCLA. Rong Fa Chinese Restaurant serves authentic and traditional Chinese food. To think that it's authentic, my curiosity radar went up and excited to taste the food they serve.

Well, the place is not that big but since the customers were only my fellow bloggers, we just owned the whole place that afternoon. Cool right?

Rice In Pot
This is Rice in Pot. The taste reminds me of Paella and immediately got hooked with it. The rice is sticky as expected by just looking at it. There are also eggs, carrot, peanuts in the Rice in Pot. I love the taste! Though some of us find it weird. Well, you can try it yourself too! :D

Oyster Cake
This is the Oyster Cake. It doesn't look like a cake at all since it's cooked differently. You may find the dish weird but it's how it looks like. It's served on a big plate, fitting for many people to eat.

The oyster cake is best eaten with the sauce although you may eat them without it, the addition of the sauce brings out more flavors of the oyster cake. I ate an oyster torte before and I knew right away of what taste I will expect. Personally, I like their oyster cake. It's delicious and I want to eat more of it soon. :D

We had so much fun eating authentic Chinese Food! Thanks Rong Fa Chinese Restaurant for saving us from rain! And also for the delicious meals that I want to try again! Thanks Natalie for introducing Rong Fa Chinese Restaurant to us! Hope to drop by soon. :D

Thanks for reading!


  1. Ohhh Chinese Resto.. we should try them out together Jon. Communist/Nationalist dining. :)

  2. Lagi.. try nato soon. And the Bagnetian Kitchen.. perti ka delay! wahaha!


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