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April 10, 2013 - Locals would say that your Davao experience would never be complete without trying out the Davao's best halo-halo. I know there are lots of stores who serves halo-halo and they are just anywhere in the city but this store just made a big difference. I think they're the only store that specializes customized halo-halo. What I'm talking about? I'm talking about Aling Foping's!

Aling Foping's in Matina Town Square
Aling Foping's stepped in the city 11 years ago. They're located in Matina Town Square or MTS. What made them popular? Ask every locals here in Davao and they would say 1 common answer: Halo-halo. Now, why halo-halo? It's so common here in Davao, even in our country but why Halo-halo?

Aling Foping's Fud Treyn
As what I've said earlier, their halo-halo is customized which means, you have the power to choose your own ingredients! (Cool huh!) You have to choose 6 ingredients in a sheet of paper and just put a check mark which ingredients you want in your halo-halo.

The Halo-halo!
You might ask, why is this halo-halo popular among the locals and tourists alike?

Unlike any other halo-halo in the city, this halo-halo uses mineral water as their ice and finely shaved that you'll not find boulders when you eat them. It's an assurance that you'll enjoy your halo-halo alone, with your friends and family.

I consider their halo-halo as the best one yet and has the most unique concept. Choosing your own ingredients is already a unique concept plus the taste that you'll definitely find all over again.

Price: 105 Pesos

Aling Foping's Espesyal Bibingka
But it's not just the halo-halo that they specialize. They also serve delicious bibingka that made me and fellow bloggers crave for.

We can truly say that Aling Foping's doesn't just serve halo-halo as they also serve special bibingka for the customers. Whenever I visit their store, I'm aware that they serve other food but haven't tasted them YET. But I had a chance to try them finally!

Their bibingka is served hot to the customers to enjoy what bibingka tastes like. This bibingka is quite different as it has a salted egg right in the middle of the bibingka.

It neutralizes the taste, thus it can make us crave for more. I actually enjoyed their bibingka as it has the right amount of taste that everybody could enjoy munching.

Price: 80 Pesos

Now into one of the food that I like to eat. Chili con carne is one of the favorites that the Ayala make (the local one) and this is also the favorite of our current President Aquino.

Chili Con Carne is supposed to be a spicy dish considering the spices being mixed but when I tasted it, it lacked some kick which I really wanted. Nonetheless, I enjoyed eating but it would be better if it's more spicy. :D

I really enjoyed the taste test as I've known Aling Foping's so well and being a regular customer, it's also an opportunity for me to taste their other products that they serve and I might make an order of their bibingka soon as I want to indulge them one more time. I would love to eat their Chili Con Carne again, but spicier this time. Overall, I had so much fun! Thanks Aling Foping's! :D

If you want to know more about Aling Foping's, just click the link:
Aling Foping's on Facebook


  1. their halo halo is wapak! ^_^

  2. Aling Foping's bibingka looks so yummy. I might be leaving after this post and look for food to eat. :) Thinking about the white bibingka in the next brgy. Hekhek

  3. Thirst quencher talaga ang halo-halo ni Aling foping and the bibingka..seems yummy.

  4. That looks appetizing, I miss the ube in a halo halo!

  5. Oh I miss halo-halo so much. I love the idea of choosing ingredients I want since I don't eat everything in the usual one. I will definitely love my halo-halo with mongo bean, banana, leche flan, ube, beans, and a scoop of ice cream.

    1. we almost have the same ingredients of halo-halo! nice one! :D


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