Dining @ Keepsakes, MTS

April 3, 2013 - Whenever I eat lunch when I was still teaching in Musikademy, I would not miss a chance to eat at Keepsakes. It's located at Matina Town Square or as the locals would say, MTS.

Before my practice with the Himig Singers, I decided to eat my dinner at their restaurant and cherish every minute of their meal that I badly missed. Haay..

Their menu ranges from rice meals, pasta, burgers, desserts, beverages. Keepsakes are really affordable as it targets the students and for those who are budget conscious (like me), who wants to have a delicious dinner in an affordable price.

This is actually their new location after MTS renovated the whole building. Keepsakes kept the original theme which has colorful interiors, chairs and decorations. Through it, Keepsakes brings the happy aura of every customer. Whenever I enter this restaurant, I always feel happy and always in a great mood to eat my meal.

Keepsakes also holds parties, birthdays, meetings in their function room. It can also be used if there are lots of customers during peak time.

For my dinner, I had Pork Teriyaki with an Iced Tea. In fact, in every rice meal, they have a free Iced Tea which is a big plus for me. This is also the meal that I always order since it's so delicious and every chunk of pork counts together with the sauce.

Price: 70 Pesos with Iced Tea

Personally, I love their Pork Teriyaki. It has the distinct taste that I love so much. For 70 Pesos, it's so plenty and their pork really tasted so good! The sauce might be too salty for some but for some reasons, I love the sauce! I used to drizzle the sauce in the rice to be evenly distributed.

You've got to love their creativity especially their rice meals as they can turn an ordinary cup of rice like a teddy bear, basic shapes like square, triangle, rectangle and even a heart!

Overall, I had a great dinner. My dinner was rather nostalgic as I remember how was Keepsakes before they moved into their new location, The meals that I always order and friends that had a good time. Thank you Keepsakes for bringing back my happiness and memories! :D

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