Fatkids: Wafels and Frappe.. A New Discovery

Fatkids Wafels and Frappe
April 24, 2013 - Discovering new flavors can be so much fun especially if you accidentally discovered it. This is what exactly happened last week when me and my blogger friend Kevin just found another friend Arjay in a new kiosk in Abreeza Mall. I was confused what waffle store he was talking about until he said that it's in front of Jollibee. Immediately, I faced there and saw my friend in this new waffle kiosk called Fatkids.

A new store in Abreeza Mall
What is this Fatkids? Well, this is a new waffle kiosk found in Abreeza Mall just in front of Jollibee. They've started just last year and they specialize on waffles and frappe. The unique thing is, they are more of the belgian waffles than the waffles that we're used to eat.

Their menu is categorized into 3. They are Savory Wafel, Sweet Wafel and the frappe. This unique concept tickled my curiosity as you can choose from chicken, pork, fruits, ham and cheese. You can also choose from nutella, durian, blueberry cheesecake, peanut butter, etc.

Looking at these waffles is just enough for me to try them. It's just so mouthwatering that I couldn't help myself but to buy one. I know there are lots of options to choose from these flavors but I opt to order their blueberry cheesecake-flavored waffle since I like blueberry and I gave this one a shot.

Price: 45 Pesos

The only thing that I like is their whipped cream. I'm sorry but their blueberry seemed like it lacked some flavor that I was expecting. It was only the whipped cream that made the waffle delicious. But other than that, it's only an ordinary blueberry waffle with whipped cream and nothing else. If given a chance, I would try another flavor that would suit me well and of course, worth indulging!

The reason why I want to try their waffles is to have this badge! I find this badge cool and till today, I still have this one in my room! And folks, thanks for reading this entry! I would give this one another shot and this time, I'll try their specialty since their Blueberry Cheesecake didn't work for me. Sorry! :D

If you want to try their waffles and frappe, they're at the ground floor of Abreeza Mall, in front of Jollibee and Red Ribbon. It's easy to find guys! :D

If you want to visit Fatkids Wafels and Frappe, just click the link below:
- Fatkids Wafels and Frappe


  1. I think i was there when you discovered Fatkids (first pic, the one busy texting)! try mo next time yung overload nila... di kasi ako maka blueberry cheesecake din... hehehe

  2. wow. that looks good and, not you to mention, yummy.
    and it's affordable too. it sure would be a hit.


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