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Bigger and better Taste of Home

April 16, 2013 - It was afternoon when I decided to drop by at MTS (Matina Town Square) and went to a brand new Taste of Home. It's located on the right side beside Calda Pizza. I used to eat their pasta when I was still teaching in Musikademy if I have snack time. Now, with their new location, it's bigger, better and definitely brighter!

Inside, you are greeted with homey atmosphere with lots of paintings on the wall. It's painted by the son of the owner of this store. The lighting added some warmth in their place which made me feel cozier. The first time I stepped here was with my friend who introduced to me this store. Since then, I became a frequent customer to this place.

The paintings added color of their store which is of course attractive and it seeks attention to the customers to appreciate the work of art. In fact, I love staring at the paintings for they're so wonderful to look at. I'm amazed by each of them and I observe every details of each painting. It's why, I always feel happy whenever I am in this place. It feels like I'm home for snacks! :D

This place is a perfect hangout for the students who wants to have good snacks and good time. When I was still teaching in Musikademy during school days, I can always see a group of students having a great time and yes, great laugh.

When I was still in their old place, I used to sit on the corner, minding myself and the food, enjoying a quiet time. I like this counter actually. It's bigger and it's not as small as I remembered. They can now move freely with the new space they have.

Taste of Home sells pastries, bars, cakes, breads and pastas. Sometimes, I would buy their brownies with the filling in the middle. One of my favorite dessert in this store is their Buko Pie. It's gotta be one addictive dessert that I've eaten. In fact, I would ask them if they have one. Oftentimes, it's not available all the time.

But I would say, their pan de leche is one of the best that I've tasted! It's so much different from what I've used to eat. I could eat a lot of it and it's a perfect pair with pasta. I tell you, it's delicious! What made me love even more is they're the ones creating them! They've produced affordable yet delicious pastries and desserts here in Davao.

This is one of their pasta dishes that I frequently order. This is their carbonara. You can actually choose between 2 sauce either red or white. Since I love carbonara so much, I would often choose white sauce. The prices of their food is student-friendly which means, it's affordable.

Price: 50 Pesos

In my opinion, they have one of the best carbonaras in town. The presentation may be simple, but tasting and eating their pasta is a different experience. The sauce is so rich that you wouldn't want to leave anything on it. After finishing the pasta, you would feel so satisfied and full. And you just made your tummy happy with the snack! :D

Taste of Home really is a home where you can relax, sit comfortably while staring at the paintings, camaraderie with friends or just having a quiet time while eating. This is one place where I could just come and eat with the delicious pasta and sweet desserts and tasty pastries. If you want a warm, cozy place to eat, visit Taste of Home.


  1. Wow! MTS look interesting to visit. I will try to visit it when I get to davao

    1. yeah! And you've got to visit MTS at night. It's a lot more fun!


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