Visita Iglesia.. Our Tradition

Every Holy Thursday, it has been our tradition in our family to do Visita Iglesia. We've been doing it since 2002 and now, for 11 years, we always made sure to visit at least 7 churches or more and our route has always been the same. Nonetheless, the important thing is, we visited and prayed in every church.

This year, we visited 7 churches here in Davao City. We usually aim like 8-10 churches but since we had no time, we had to reduce the number of churches to visit.

The 1st church we visited was the St. Paul Parish. It's the parish near to where I live. But to no avail, I don't have a picture of their altar. (Sigh...)

Altar of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish
The 2nd church we visited was the Our Lady of Lourdes Parish. It's one of the newest church here in Davao City. It's located in Bangkal and used to be part of St. Paul Parish.

Altar of San Isidro Labrador Parish
The 3rd church we visited was the San Isidro Parish. It's located in Skyline. 
It's also part of St. Paul Parish before.

Altar of St. Francis of Assisi Parish
The 4th church we visited was the St. Francis of Assisi Parish. It's located in Maa, Davao City.
The altar inside the church is inspired by nature as St. Francis of Assisi himself loves nature. 
This parish was also under St. Paul Parish before. 

Altar of Assumption Parish
 The 5th church we visited was the Assumption Parish. It's located in Torres St., Davao City.
This is the church where I serve as part of the choir together with my sister who is the organist.

Altar of Sta. Ana Shrine
The 6th church we visited was the Sta. Ana Shrine. It's located in Chinatown, Davao City.
When I was in high school, all of the students attend every 1st Friday Mass in this church.
This church greatly improved since I graduated from High School.

Altar of Our Lady of Fatima Parish
 The 7th and final church we visited was the Our Lady of Fatima Parish. It's located near boulevard.
This parish is near to the school, Our Lady of Fatima Academy.

Chowking Halo-halo
After our Visita Iglesia, eating halo-halo at Chowking Bolton is also part of our tradition. 
It's also the time we can bond and talk as family. 

Well, that's it! 
I hope next year, we could visit more churches like we've used to be.
Try Visita Iglesia next year. I'm sure you'll have fun.
Besides, it's also time to pray and reflect.

and Happy Easter! :D


  1. Naks! Well spent Holy Week. Never tried Visita Iglesia tsk3 anyway, naglaway ko sa halo-halo. xD

  2. 7 churches? Oh wow I'm sure they are all crowded with people. Same with Ganessa, ako rin gusto ng halo-halo. :)

  3. It's nice that you were able to keep this tradition. I've been able to do it only a few times since most of the time I'm on the road for the holy week since I have to drive from Manila to Baguio.

  4. This looks fun, anything done together with your family is absolutely one of the best.. :D

  5. My whole family did Visita Iglesia too last Holy Thursday. We started from Panabo City till we reached The Carmelite Church which was our last stop. It was the first time my niece experienced Catholic Tradition like Visita Iglecia and I think it's better to teach them while they are young.

  6. I guess for catholic family this vista iglesia is must!! and its nice to know that this tradition is within every filipino hearts. would love to have some halo halo too! xx

  7. OMG! Both our families have concluded the visita iglesia in that same Chowking branch. What a coincidence! =)

  8. Visita Iglesia hmmm I'm not sure about that. But, the halo-halo is really tempting.

  9. I was not able to do this one because we were in the province for a family vacation. Love your halo-halo as well.

  10. A great tradition I wish I can experience. Sarap siguro.

  11. I admire your family for having that tradition of doing the visita Iglesia together..

  12. Nothing beats a Chowking Halo-Halo after a day of Visita Iglesia! :)

  13. The only time I get to visit churches was during on trips and visita iglesia. Its a great tradition.

  14. That's dedication right there, especially when done out of your love for God. If it weren't for my foot fracture, I would've gone with my folks here in QC.

  15. hahaha, you've done the southern part of the city... i had the northern part... haven't been to some of the churches you mentioned... glad to see them. Yahweh bless.

  16. Its been 5 years since I crunched up in churches during Holy Week.
    You'll have to excuse me because I never did Visita Iglesia or visiting many churches in a day.
    While Im a born catholic, I'll never approve of the way we procrastinate in celebrations like these..
    It just doesnt make sense for me when we can pray solemnly at our homes or in just one church then spend the remaining time with our family.. These inconvenience (sorry for the term) is something of our own design.

  17. It is indeed a very significant tradition in the Philippines to do visita inglesia. I have never done this so far...

  18. I was suppose to do a Visita Iglesia but instead, I had to report for work. Maybe next year.

  19. nag visita iglesia din kami sa Pampanga last holy week. balak din sana namin mag halohalo sa chowking kaya lang wala na daw, ginabi kasi kami. naubusan tuloy.. :(

  20. Eating Halo Halo after the travel is a good and refreshing thing to do. Thanks for sharing the altars' photos.


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