Mango Shake @ Park Inn by Radisson

Last week was the arrival of my sister-in-law Ate Rhea with her parents and it's also my first time to see my niece Amber from New Zealand! :D

They've checked in at Park Inn by Radisson which is found just at the back of SM Lanang Premier. Since their arrival, we've been visiting the place like everyday and I also checked in at Park Inn but the thing is, it's on foursquare! :D

Anyway, just last May 13, 2013, we had the chance to swim in their swimming pool and I've got to tell you, it's like a paradise! their pool is clean and it's just so attractive!

After swimming, I ordered a mango shake at their bar. I know this is not something to "wow" about. And I know this is just a plain mango shake. But what made me post this one?

Mango Shake
I've seen people preparing a mango shake and they have their own ways on how to do their stuff. But with this one, it seems a lot different from what I've seen. How do they prepare the mango shake?

- First, they slice the mango.
- Then, scoop out the flesh of the mango by using the tip of the glass.
- They just add the sugar and water on the blender and blend them.
- Add ice cubes then blend again.
- Pour the finished product in the goblet.

The taste is just like good ol' mango shake that can make hot scorching days so cool and refreshed! What I just like is the unique way of making the mango shake. It seems so different yet it achieved the same taste that I love. The price is around 80 Pesos. Thanks for reading! :D

If you want to know more about Park Inn by Radisson, just click the link below:
- Park Inn by Radisson


  1. This one's one of my favorites! Especially with additional fresh milk. What a great thirst quencher

    1. It is a thirst quencher and I simply love it! :D


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