Pizza Bread by BreadTalk

May 12, 2013 - I've eaten a pizza bread when my sister makes one for our snacks and it's always a big hit as it captured its taste that's just like a pizza.
Just like me, almost all of us love pizza! I love eating pizza when it has lots of meat and cheese especially mozzarella cheese where it stretches when you take a single bite.

This pizza bread of BreadTalk is no different from others. It has the same aroma as the usual pizza bread but what made this one set aside from other pizza bread is the form itself. One look and you'll be intrigued what it is.

Pizza Bread
This pizza bread consists of ham, cheese, chicken sausage, pepperoni and so much more! In this bread, the ingredients gave color and it's one bread that you can't easily resist. Price: 50 Pesos.

Yummy closer look..
This pizza bread is just awesome! I could taste all of what's in the pizza. One bite and it explodes right into your mouth especially the chicken sausage inside the bread. It's like a complete meal already because of the ingredients in the pizza bread. One bite isn't enough with this bread as it can make you finish the whole thing and get stuffed. If you want 1 more, go buy 1! :D

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