Early Dinner @ Bulgogi Brothers - SM Lanang Premier

June 14, 2013 - I had the first dining experience at Bulgogi Brothers when I was invited by my friend and fellow blogger Tere. The experience in dining a Korean restaurant will always be memorable as we had so much fun indulging their delicious dishes that is being served to us.

When I was invited by Algene to try the new dishes at Bulgogi Brothers, I'm excited to dine again with their restaurant and indulge with their dishes that the customer loved. Together with fellow bloggers Sarah G., Quima and Lany, we were served with these dishes that we're about to indulge! :D

They've introduced to us the Barbecue Specials which is new to their menu since May. They've lowered the prices for the Davao market to attract customers who wants delicious food in a reasonable price. For this day, they let us try their signature dishes together with new dishes.

To start off our dinner, in a Korean cuisine, they always serve with complementary side dishes for us to enjoy while waiting for our meals to be served. In every meal, kimchi will always be present. I first tried the kimchi in another Korean restaurant and I find it so good!

They served us with of course, kimchi, pickled kangkong, boiled quail eggs, dilis and sauteed eggplant. They also have sauces for you to dip in. They have Korean spicy sauce, salt and pepper and ssamjjang.

They also served us with corn for our own consumption.

Bori Cha (Barley Tea)
When I had a first taste test, they served us with Corn Tea. But with this early dinner, they served us with Bori Cha (Barley Tea). If I compare the two teas, I'd rather go with Bori Cha. I find it really delicious to drink. I also love the aroma of the barley in their tea.

This is the Bulgogi Bibimbap. It consists of vegetables julienned, egg yolk in the center with rice underneath. It has a bibimbap sauce to mix with. When eating bibimbap, you have to mix them altogether then you can choose either to pour the bibimbap sauce or not. But I recommend to mix them since it gives flavor to the dish. I give this dish a thumbs up! :D

This is the Haemul Gunjung Mandu. When translated in English, it actually means "Seafood Royal Dumpling." It has a spicy sauce on the side together with mussels and shrimps. The dumpling itself is crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. It's best dipped with its spicy sauce or ssamjjang.

This is one of their best-sellers, the barbecue Un-yang style. It's basically a heart-shaped barbecue. This dish also has bean sprouts, sweet potato, etc. The beef itself is so tasty that it doesn't need any sauce to dip in but it's more flavorful if dipped in ssamjjang or spicy sauce.

When they cook the Heart-shaped beef, it follows a pattern not the other way around. You can cook the beef or let the staff cook them for you but I prefer the latter since I only like to eat food! :D

This is the Boneless Beef Ribs. It's one of their new dish that they want us to try. It consists of sliced boneless beef, sweet potato and onion in the center and garlic. I had no hard time chewing on this beef and it is so delicious! It's perfect with ssamjjang as it gives more flavor to the dish.

This is the sticky rice or Japanese rice. Unlike any other rice I've tasted, I love the sticky rice and it is one of the delicious rice I've eaten. It's easier to handle since it is sticky and if you want to buy this one, 1 kilo of sticky rice can reach up to 70 Pesos. Pretty expensive!

Jaypee Oquendo, the Restaurant Manager of Bulgogi Brothers at SM Lanang Premier also wants us to try their dessert which is their ice cream! This is indeed a sweet conclusion to our sumptuous dinner. He lets us choose the dessert and indulge! :D

This is what I got. It tasted just like the Magnum from Selecta but it has mixed berries inside. It's delicious and it's a must try for the ice cream lovers.

This is the aftermath of our sumptuous dinner. It means one thing, we loved it! From their beef dishes, complementary side dishes, we enjoyed devouring and chatting at the same time. They also gave us vouchers for us to giveaway! Stay tuned!

Davao Bloggers with Jaypee Oquendo

After 5 months since the taste test event, I can say that they've maintained their quality of dishes. It's still delicious just like the 1st time I tried their dishes. Indeed, Bulgogi Brothers is worth visiting and I tell you, their branches outside Metro Manila is cheaper but you can experience the same quality of food and enjoy the dinner fit for royalty. Thanks Bulgogi Brothers for the dinner and we really had so much fun!

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  1. We have also tried Bulgogi Brothers and our favorite must be the heart-shaped beef because the presentation is unique and the meat is too tender. :)

    1. I really love their heart-shaped beef. It's also one of my favorites!

  2. We love Dak Bulgogi and even learn to make it at home. Though we haven't been to this resto but I heard a lot of good things about Bulgogi Brothers. It always give us that stare whenever we passed by in it's one of their branch here in KL. We'll put it on our list.

    1. I wanna try your Dak Bulgogi and even make a review if you want me to. :D

  3. Bulgogi Brothers...hmmmm..next stop ng itinerary q..hahahahaha...I want to taste their super famous marinated bbq meat.

    1. You've got to dine at Bulgogi Brothers. You'll never regret it.

  4. I like the food in Bulgogi Brothers because of the grilled and healthier preparation and rich taste plus melona can be a deal breaker.

  5. Plenty of delicious dishes out here,have only tasted very few among these and nice new template :)


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