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June 22, 2013 - I've got to admit something.. I'm allergic to dark chocolates and I know the reason why. Dark chocolates tend to have strong aroma and every time I smell it, my nose quickly reacts and even though I just had a small bite, I could just sneeze right away and make an aftermath in the process. I promised to stay away with it until the WOFEX 2013 where I had the chance to show some bravery by trying the dark chocolates!

Malagos Chocolate booth at SMX Convention Center
During the World Food Expo (WOFEX) 2013 at SMX Convention inside SM Lanang Premier, me and my sister dropped by at the Malagos Chocolate booth. What made me proud is they produce their own chocolate at their farm.

It is exported in Europe and elsewhere in the world. Davao City is also one of the top producers of chocolate in the world which is why I'm proud to say that most of the chocolates are from Davao City! :D

At the WOFEX, by just looking at their display gave me an idea on how the dark chocolate is being made. During the Kris TV episode, Kris Aquino had the chance to try the Cacao Pod, Cacao Beans and the dark chocolate itself. This time, I only tried their dark chocolate just to be safe (Oh! I'm allergic to it. Not safe! haha!). If you want to know how dark chocolates are being made, just click the link here.

The dark chocolates
I didn't expect that their dark chocolate could be so delicious! It only had a slight bitter aftertaste but nonetheless, it's delicious and it's the reason why Davao is the top producer of dark chocolates. Surprisingly though, I didn't sneeze that time! This made me love their dark chocolates more! I might buy some of their dark chocolates and indulge (And I might sneeze this time! haha!). We left the booth very satisfied and thankful that my nose was quite tamed that time.

Thank you Malagos Chocolate for the delicious dark chocolate. I'd definitely eat their chocolate and if I want to eat dark chocolate, I'd choose their version since it's definitely yummy and friendly to my nose. Until then folks!

Thanks for reading!

You can visit Malagos Chocolate by clicking the link below:
Malagos Chocolate on Facebook

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