A Lunch @ Jaltan Food Centrum - Claveria Branch

July 19, 2013 - Jaltan is known for its local delicacies that every Davaoeños love especially their kakanin. Usually, it's jampacked every lunch and it's a destination to go to if you feel hungry. Just after our trip to Matina Central Elementary School, we decided to buy something at Mercury Drug and have lunch in Jaltan; both are in Claveria branch and they're just facing each other thus, we just have to walk across the road.

Jaltan - Claveria Branch
This branch underwent a minor renovation just to catch up with other restos. It's a lot cleaner and bigger and they can now accommodate more customers who want to have a lunch. I love eating here as they serve delicious Filipino meals for the customers.

Jaltan is known to have delicious kakanins and I admit that I love almost all of them. One of the best that I've tried is their Ginataang Bilo Bilo or in our language "Binignit".

There are wide variety of kakanins that you can choose from. They also have desserts such as pies and cakes.

This area serves Filipino viands fit for the customers who love Filipino food. It's hard to choose as all of them looks so delicious!

I chose to have Sweet and Sour Pork that I thought it's a fish fillet. Oh well, I just have to stick with the decision. :D

This is my mom's order. It's Fresh Lumpia bathed with sauce. My mom gave me a piece of Fresh Lumpia and it's delicious! The good thing is, it's not that heavy which is delightful.

This is the Sweet & Sour Pork that I ordered. This comes with a cup of rice which I didn't take a picture.

The pork itself is thick but there are times that I had a hard time cutting the meat. I always end up biting the meat using the fork. Overall, the dish is still delicious.

Price: 60 Pesos

For my dessert, I ordered the Buko Pie. I had my eye on this dessert since I haven't eaten Buko Pie for a long time and this was a perfect day to eat this one.

Unlike other buko pies, the crust is thin which gave room to the fillings to occupy the pie. It's so yummy even though my tummy was like half-full already.  Nonetheless, I managed to finish this one. Yum!

Our lunch in Jaltan was satisfying as I was able to finish my meal, a fresh lumpia and the buko pie. We had a great conversation with my mom and reminisce the times when we had a great catastrophe to conquer. Nevertheless, we vanquished it and moved on to our life. We left the resto happy and full! :D

Thanks for reading!

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