Delectable Tako @ Tio Cococ's Bar & Resto

Tio Cococ's Bar & Resto
July 9, 2013 - After my Econ 1 exam at Brokenshire College, I was craving for milk tea but I remembered that I will check the new resto at Legaspi Suites (Paseo de Legaspi). Tio Cococ's Bar & Resto occupied the place of Kusina Selera before (which is now Bistro Selera at SM Lanang Premier). Since it's snack time and was not so hungry, I went to their place.

As I went inside the resto, I noticed the old photos with frames being hanged on the walls. They are old pictures of their family and it's all around the resto.

For a bar and resto, somehow I felt home with all the warm lights created a cozy atmosphere. Although the place is small, there were like few customers around.

As I've said a while ago, this place was occupied by Kusina Selera and I remembered eating fried halo-halo and it was so delicious!

Now, with Tio Cococ's Bar & Resto, they specialize Thai-Filipino Fusion Cuisine. Since all I want to eat is just the dessert, the waiter flipped pages of their menu until the dessert section.

The waiter recommended me to try their Tako since it's their best-seller among other desserts in the menu. Since, it's something new to try, I ordered Tako. 

Tako is like a Thai version of our Maja Blanca. It consists of coco cream, buko pandan underneath and desiccated coconut on top. It's wrapped with pandan leaves. 

Price: 130 Pesos

The waiter told me that if this dessert is served in Thailand, it's actually smaller than their version. It's already a plus points for me! This dessert is served in 4 pieces.

You can share this one to your friends and family or just eat this one alone. In my case, I did ate this dessert alone! Hehe! 

When I tasted the Tako, the waiters weren't joking on being delicious. This dessert really was delectable and I kept eating and eating!

The combination of ingredients were perfect and my taste buds said the same thing. Added bonus was the desiccated coconut which gave flavor to the dessert. I ate the 4 pieces of Tako which means one thing: I want more! (lol!)

Now I know why Tako is their best-seller in their resto. It was just so yummy that I even want more of it but I just had to control my cravings! Though when I heard that there was a service charge, I was a bit shocked and they added 13 Pesos for the service charge which made a grand total of 143 Pesos. If I were to be asked, yes, it's expensive. But the taste and experience is priceless. I just left the resto, fulfilled and satisfied even though I didn't saw the service charge coming! Haha! :D

Thanks for reading! 

If you want to know more about Tio Cococ's Bar & Resto, just click the link below:


  1. Oh I thought it's something like taco bell hihi. This looks so yummy. I love sweets and desserts <3 Sayang wala pa sila malapit samin.

    1. Mine was like tacos with salsa dip! haha! Oh well, now I know.. :D

  2. It's cool to know this delectable Thai dessert is also available in Tio Cococ's Bar & Resto :)

    1. Yeah! I never thought that it's a Thai-Filipino restaurant. :D

  3. looks like a nice place to dine together with family.. i love tako by the way

    1. It is homey and relaxing. Good thing you like tako too! :D

  4. A must try place. Another "TAMBAYAN" in Davao. Pang libre dre Jonas... lol :)


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