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The Cafe Mediterranean
July 10, 2013 - When I went to Abreeza, I had a hard time for me to find a place to eat dinner. As I was searching for a place to eat, I remembered that there were restos in front of Abreeza. Immediately, I went outside and the first resto that I saw was The Cafe Mediterranean and I tried their Value Meals for just 99 Pesos.

99 Peso Value Meals
The Cafe Mediterranean in Abreeza opened its doors since 2011 and till now, it's still operational and I'm happy that they've survived for 2 years. Of course, they specialize Mediterranean cuisines. But for this day, I went for their Value Meals which are cheaper. I went inside and I ordered their Value Meal 1 which was Marinated Pork Chop.

Inside Cafe Mediterranean, you'll notice right ahead the ambiance of being in a Mediterranean restaurant.The picture frames being hanged on the wall represent images of places belong to the Mediterranean Region.

This place is quite small but since there were only few customers, I think this is just the right size enough to accommodate all of us.

The Mediterranean as shown in the map, is composed of countries from Southern Europe, West Asia and North Africa.

Here are some of the countries belong to the Mediterranean region: Southern Spain, Southern France, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Egypt, Israel, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Monaco, Malta, Tunisia, etc.

Here is the Marinated Pork Chop. This meal is included in their Value Meals. It consists of rice, pork chop topped with gravy, mixed vegetables salad and gravy on the side.

Is it just me or I find the dish so weird when the pork chop is on top of the rice. I thought it's a unique way to present a dish but I find the presentation really weird.

To be honest, I found nothing special with this dish. It's just a plain pork chop topped with gravy presented in a weird way. The taste was just okay for me. But the pork chop isn't hard to slice which is a plus points for me. The gravy was just okay but not liking it. I dunno if this dish is really Mediterranean.

The mixed vegetables salad was way better as it gives so much flavor. The cucumber, tomato and bell pepper were a great combination to the salad.

Overall, my dinner was just like an ordinary dinner for me although I did expect this to happen but I thought the pork chop will blow me away with its taste but sadly, it's just like an average one for me. I had lots of expectations with this dish but I think, I've expected too much again.

Well, again, lesson learned. I do hope next time, if they offer Value Meals to their customers, I want their dishes to be infused with some Mediterranean flavors just to give justice with the name of their restaurant which represents Mediterranean cuisine. The pork chop was good but it's just good, nothing more, nothing less. I'll try their other dishes next time that are not included in their Value Meals. :D

Au Revoir! 
Thanks for reading! 

If you want to know more about The Cafe Mediterranean, just click the link below:

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