Gumamela Cave Rock Farm Resort: A Late Summer Vacation

This is a late entry as this summer outing happened last month. Apologies! :D

June 12, 2013 - Our Unit (Angel Oak) planned a summer outing that was supposed to happen on late May. But due to some conflicts, we moved the date to June 12 since it's Independence Day.  Mom made a reservation by calling the resort owner who happened to be my mom's friend.

Gumamela Cave Rock Entrance
Gumamela Cave Rock Resort is located at Matina Biao. It can be traveled by taxi, habal-habal or a private-owned car that can withstand rocky roads. On our way to the resort, some roads are cemented while others are rocky. Despite the rocky road we've experienced, we've managed to withstand those roads and reached to our destination. Arriving at the resort was already an achievement for us and my dad parked the van since there are vacant spaces left. Upon arriving at the entrance, you'll be asked to sign in their guest list for confirmation. Afterwards, you may now enter the resort.

On the way to the cottages, you'll see lots of signs that you have to remember. This resort strictly implements the "No Smoking" policy. Also, you have to follow the rules and regulations that are being observed here. Anyway, I'll drown you with pictures and info! :D

Isn't it cute? :D

It's important to follow the signs since they're the only way that you can reach their cottages. Nothing to worry, all you have to do is walk straight ahead and you'll reach the destination.

On the left, when you reach this landmark, it means one thing, you're almost near! I consider this one an achievement since it's a loooong way from the entrance to the cottages and swimming pool. You just need more steps! On the right, when you see that sign, it means this resort strictly implements the "No Smoking" policy and the sign proved to us that they're not joking. It's better to follow this rule for you not to get caught smoking inside the resort.

On the left is a Calabash fruit, also known as a "miracle fruit." They are a source of miracle juice that can heal many illness and miraculously heal them. On the right are the sculptures who are ready to greet the visitors. The sculptor is Kublai Millan. He's also the one who made the sculptures inside People's Park and other known landmarks here in Davao.

Beautifully painted hut

After a long walk from the entrance, I finally reached the place! Whew!

It was tiring though I had lots of fun taking pictures! We placed all of our things and rested for a while. The weather was hot I got sweaty while walking! :D

As I went inside, I rested and watched the NBA Finals for a while with my sis, bro and dad.

This restaurant looks good especially that they have a bar which you can order liquor. Of course, sodas and other refreshments are also available but they're just so expensive. Hehe! :D

On the left is the way to our cottage. You can see most of the huts are on the right side. On the right is a large gumamela sculpture. It is said to be the world's largest gumamela sculpture. We're lucky to rent this cottage as it can handle large number of visitors and it provided us a cool shade to protect us from the sun.

This summer outing was not exclusive for the advisors in our unit. Every advisor brought with them their family members to enjoy this outing and since it's holiday, everyone was available.

In the picture are my siblings, in-laws, my nephew and my nieces. We just had to separate from the gumamela cottage because it was just so congested in that area. :D

But before the lunch, I noticed this one and I asked permission if I can go down to the creek. The owner Tita Cora said yes but I just have to be really careful.

The Mille Creek Watershed is located below the resort and you can do hiking but you're provided with helmet and you have to wear shoes.

But in this case, This was not hiking but rather, a sightseeing. :D

Going downwards was easy but you have to be extra careful while walking as it can be slippery. What I did was I walked slowly and held on the bamboo rails on the side. Good thing that I didn't slip while walking. On the way to the creek are benches that are located both sides if you feel tired. But of course, the adventurous side of me doesn't want to be stopped from discovering the Mille Creek.

Look! The Mille Creek! Just have to walk more steps to finally reach at the bottom.

This was an achievement already since I can see the creek below. I admit that I got scared as I went down but no! There's no time to be a scaredy cat and I continued my journey down below to the creek.

The Mille Creek
The last step was actually a hard one as it can make you slide all the way. I carefully stepped on it and ran downwards and stopped. As I stopped, I witnessed the majestic beauty of the creek made by mother nature. This was like one of the beautiful creation I've seen. The Mille Creek took me back to where the nature supposed to look like.

It's just so beautiful!
I sat on the big rock, kissed by the sun, reflecting on the past events and talked to myself. There was like no one with me and I freely released my emotions and anger. This was the only way to get relieved and relaxed.

Another look.
As I was sitting on the big rock, I couldn't help but to be awed with the surroundings. They're just so beautiful. The sound of a gushing water was a background music that gives flavor to the nature, the chirping of the birds were the melodies, the sweet caress and the relaxing sound of the wind touched my body and the swaying of the trees and plants were the ornaments that orchestrated my eyes into a symphony that was made into a masterpiece no one could ever forget. Indeed, the nature is an orchestra by itself. (So deep dude!)

Later on, I got up and went back to the cottage. I couldn't help but to be amazed on the beautiful Mille Creek. The water was so clear that you could see tiny fishes swimming, wash your feet when it's dirty, even play with the water without worries.

Challenge accepted!
As I climbed upstairs, I realized that it's a lot harder than going down. I have to leap on every step. I accepted this as a challenge since if I made the walk downstairs, why not the other way around? I kept moving and didn't care about the sweat. This was fun though. If you can see benches on the way up, you can rest right ahead and finish the remaining steps.

After a fulfilling journey to the Mille Creek, I was gasping for breath like forever. I rested for a while and ate some food. I played on the iPad just to amuse myself and ate some chips. I ate my lunch with the rest of the family (posted above).

Swimming Pool
After my lunch, I went into their swimming pool to be with my siblings. In their swimming pool, you have to pay 150 Pesos for you to have a pool pass. It's required for you have an access into their swimming pool. You must give the pool pass to the lifeguard in order for you to use the swimming pool but remember, follow the proper swimming attire.

Kids Pool
They have 2 kinds of swimming pool. One is for the kids and one for adults or just happened to be tall kids. The kids can swim in the adult pool with the adult supervision.

Adults Pool
While at the bench, I told my sister that the Mille Creek was beautiful and we decided to go down. That was my second time to visit the Mille Creek. I was excited that my sister came with me and traveled down to the creek.

When we reached at the creek, she took pictures and also sat down at the big rock, appreciating the beauty of nature. We went up again and yes, exhausted! :D

Cave Bathroom

I decided to join the gang in the swimming pool and went to their bathroom to change into a swimming attire. As I went inside, it seems so dark but when I went further, the bathroom really looked like a cave! It didn't scare me but I was astounded by its form. It's like I'm inside the real cave but since it's a bathroom, there were sinks, shower rooms and toilet areas. It even has a bench for you to leave some things when you change your attire. Right after changing my attire, I went to the swimming pool area and placed my things at the bench. Afterwards, I swam and joined the fun! :D

My nephew Demdem at the Mille Creek
What happened next was my nephew Demdem and I went to the Mille Creek again. After reaching the creek, we went walking and stepped on the stones, trying to explore beyond the place. But since we were running out of time, we climbed upstairs and rested in the bench then returned to our cottage.

Well, this was the day that even though our vacation was late, it doesn't mean that we can't get one. Having a vacation just can't happen during summer months (although we want one!) but it can happen anytime of the year. The schedule was just the problem as all of us couldn't agree on a date that we can all gather. But the important thing is, we made this late summer outing possible. Thanks to Tita Cora for accommodating us and to my mom who made a reservation to this resort. I would be glad to visit the Mille Creek and do the hiking. Soon enough, I might be able to visit the cave that the Japanese soldiers used to hide before during World War 2. :D

Thanks for reading! 

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  1. looks like it was a long walk going to the main place but I can tell its all worth it ;)

    1. It is a long walk but along the way, you can also take pictures for fun! :D

  2. The creek looks really amazing plus they also have the usual stuff in the resort.

    1. The creek really is amazing! It's like being transported into a hidden paradise.

  3. I'v always wanted to know how Gumamela Cave Rock Resort looks like, because I can always see their poster whenever I go home. That looks interesting. :)

  4. The place kinda reminded me of the last time I visited somewhere in Batangas. But that was years ago.

  5. You got another place that is so inviting to be visited. Nature really works wonder. How does this "miracle fruit" came to being especially to this place? Any idea? I am just curious to know it!

    1. Well, I just saw the miracle fruit in there and took a picture of it..

      Thanks for the visit! :D

  6. Whew!we hate long walk, but if this is a kind of view then it's worth it.

    1. I hate long walks too! But for the sake of fun and spirit of adventure, we have to do it! :D

  7. The creek looks awesome! That resort has all of the facilities needed for a fun vacation with the family.

    1. Yup! The creek is awesome! In fact, I want to make a visit everyday if I'm near to it. But the place is just too far away from where I live.

  8. The Mile Creek looks cool and I never heard of this place before, thanks to your post! (h)

  9. The resort looks so native! It's my first time to hear about this place. Thanks for sharing :)

  10. Well, there is no late summer outing, only late people making plans.
    ayt! at least it went through. The Mille creek looks interesting, but I guess I'll settle with the pool to cool off. :)

    1. You've got to visit the Mille Creek. It's rewarding once you're in there.. :)


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