Pasta Puttanesca @ Sbarro, Abreeza Branch

July 17, 2013 - Before joining the Trivia Night at Bigby's Abreeza, I decided to drop by at Sbarro to have a light dinner. As I was browsing through their pasta, I was eyeing on the Baked Ziti since it's always the one that I order until I saw the new pasta called Pasta Puttanesca. I've tried this pasta dish when my sister cooked in our house. It was superb! And seeing this new pasta dish made me excited to try the Sbarro's version of Pasta Puttanesca. The price is 101 Pesos.

Pasta Puttanesca
Pasta Puttanesca is actually a "Whore's Style Spaghetti" in Italian. The pasta consists of tomatoes, olive oil, olives, capers and garlic. In this version, they've added anchovies. They've used penne pasta instead of the usual spaghetti pasta.

When this pasta dish was served to my table, I couldn't help but noticed how dry the pasta was. I was expecting a mouthwatering Pasta Puttanesca just like my sister's, but I guess, I was expecting too much. To make the matters worse, some parts of the pasta were cold. COLD! This was so unlikely for Sbarro to serve a pasta that is not steamed. Aside from being cold, it was hard for me to chew the pasta.

To my disappointment, I called the lady manager and told her about the pasta. I'm thankful that she responded right ahead and told the man who served my pasta to steam the Pasta Puttanesca. I waited for few minutes, disappointed, and just sat quietly.

Improved version.. :D
After minutes of waiting, they served me with an improved Pasta Puttanesca. They've added tomato sauce and parmesan cheese on top. I can say, they've made an effort to improve the pasta dish. It certainly looks yummier and better in my eyes. The tangy taste of Pasta Puttanesca was there which I was expecting. The penne pasta was a lot better as it was steamed. Overall, it's a good dish. BUT, next time, I hope they would steam the pasta before they'll serve it to the customers. Maybe I would switch back to their Baked Ziti or try something new. :D

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