Auntie Anne's Addicting Pretzels @ SM City Davao

August 29, 2013 - This store originated in U.S.A and since then, it gained fame for their famous pretzel that everybody love and eat! When Auntie Anne's made their presence here in Davao City, I couldn't wait to try their famed pretzels and indulge!

Auntie Anne's in SM City Davao is one of the latest store to open. It's situated near Bigby's where Crazy Crepe and Cello's Doughnuts previously occupied. Since it's soft opening, they're curious on their pretzels. But here's one thing, it's not the pretzels that we know from Jack & Jill but it's a big PRETZEL! 

Auntie Anne's doesn't just serve pretzels but they also have nuggets and pretzel dogs if you want to try something different. They also have dips for extra flavor of the pretzel. You just have to add 20 Pesos for you to have a dip of your choice.

In their workstation, you can witness how they make the products like pretzels and nuggets. It's fun to watch them as they're creating the delicious products that we love and munch on.

When in Auntie Anne's, they have a variety of choices that the customers can choose from.

- Original Pretzel costs 45 Pesos.
- Specialty Pretzels cost 55 Pesos. You can choose from Garlic, Sesame, Sour Cream & Cheese,     Cinnamon Sugar and Choco Chips.
- Premium Pretzels cost 60 Pesos. You can choose from Almond, Glazin' Raisin and Cinnamon Raisin.
- Pretzel Dog costs 90 Pesos while Cheeze Pretzel Dog costs 95 Pesos.

The dips cost 20 Pesos. You can choose from caramel, chocolate, cheddar and cream cheese. They also have beverages that are a perfect pair with the pretzels.

Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel
When I visited the store,  I ordered their Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel since it's the one that I find delicious and it's also the recommended flavor among Specialty Pretzels. When they served the pretzel on my table, it looked even bigger than I've expected. I thought this pretzel alone can fill out my tummy! Price: 55 Pesos.

The taste: It's a YUM! Although you have to be careful on eating this pretzel because of its size. Some particles of cinnamon sugar fell while eating the pretzel thus it created a little mess but it's expected. I love its taste especially the sugar itself. No wonder why it's one of the recommended pretzel as it has the perfect combination of the sugar and the pretzel. It's perfect for light snacks. Seeing this pretzel made me crave for it all over again!  :D

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If you want to know more about Auntie Anne's, just click the link below:
Auntie Anne's Philippines on Facebook

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