Coca-Cola "Happiness" Event @ Abreeza

August 17, 2013 - In line with the celebration of Kadayawan Festival, Coca-Cola brought happiness to Davaoenos at Abreeza Mall. Not only that, as we've supported their campaign to happiness, the lucky audience get to have their own free can of Coca-Cola as their present.

But the afternoon got more exciting as they also brought not just free Coca-Cola can but the Ambassadors of Happiness! They are: Joseph Marco, Julia Montes, Kathryn Bernardo and Enchong Dee.

Introduction Number
The program started with an Introduction Number by a dance group that mixed the tribal and hip-hop dance. It was interesting at the same time amazing as how they've combined 2 dances into one. Tribal dancers were the first to perform their number afterwards, the hip-hop group danced on stage. Afterwards, the two groups danced together in the same routine. It was indeed a good dance number from them.

After the dance number, the hosts welcomed the audience. Since this is a Coca-Cola Event, they also had a fair share on how Coca-Cola gave happiness to their lives and how it transformed them. Afterwards, they made us watch some popular personalities who also shared their experience with Coca-Cola. They also had games for the audience which they won prizes. It was tons of fun as they gave all what they've got.

A band gave song number to the audience which most of them are familiar and the audience sang with them. I think they did a good job on entertaining the audience prior to the appearance of the artists whom are also the Ambassadors of Happiness.

The Ambassadors of Happiness: (L-R) Joseph Marco, Julia Montes, Kathryn Bernardo & Enchong Dee
After numerous songs performed by the band, it was time for us to finally meet the Ambassadors of Happiness. The first one was Joseph Marco. The fans were screaming and of course, taking pictures of him (see in the picture). He performed 3 songs for his fans. Next one was Julia Montes. There were even more fans and ordinary audience want to take a picture of her. She only performed one song. The atmosphere was escalating when Kathryn Bernardo performed. They were screaming even louder that almost made my ears bleed for mercy! Nonetheless, she performed two songs for the audience. Last to perform was Enchong Dee and the surprising thing was, there were also male fans screaming his name! Oh well, I didn't mind anyway.

The Coca-Cola Event was fun, well for most of the audience. For instance, it was exhausting as some of the audience were already standing on the chair just to take a picture of their favorite artist. All I need to do was to stand up, raise my arm higher and take a picture of every artist and if it's a good shot, I sit down and work. :D

The Coca-Cola Event was indeed a success despite on the delay we've experienced. The dancers were great, the band were also great, the hosts did great and the artists drew the crowd in front. They brought happiness to everyone in the audience and so did the Coca-Cola. This is one event that we'll remember.

Madayaw! Thanks for reading!

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