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August 22, 2013 - After my class, I was craving for Cookie Butter Doughnut at Gonuts Donuts. Ever since I tasted it, I got addicted to it so it's why whenever I think of it, I have to visit Gonuts Donuts and buy my favorite doughnut! :D

When I went to their G-Mall branch, I saw a poster with Cookie Butter spreads in it. I thought it's an international brand because of it's packaging. Then I just went inside and saw jars of Cookie Butter spreads stacked on the table. Hmmm...

Cookie Butter Spreads
What I love about these spreads is the packaging itself. It looks like an international brand and I thought Gonuts Donuts was just a reseller of these products. When I knew that Gonuts Donuts actually made these Cookie Butter spreads, I was pleasantly surprised! I'm so happy that I can now buy their Cookie Butter spread and indulge with a piece of bread! :D

Closer look..
Their Cookie Butter spreads come in two sizes. The small one priced at 99 Pesos. The big one priced at 219 Pesos. It's more convenient especially for those who are addicted to cookie butter to have them at their own home and enjoy them all day long. One of their specialty is their Choco Hazelnut. The small jar costs 109 Pesos while the big jar costs 239 Pesos.

I had the chance to try the Cookie Butter and Choco Hazelnut when the lady whom I had a conversation knew that I'm a blogger. She took out some spoons and got a sample of two spreads. I must say they're both delicious! It's indeed gooey and addictive! The taste was just right and a perfect pair with bread! Thank you Gonuts Donuts for letting me try their products and I'm gonna buy soon! :D

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If you want to know more about Gonuts Donuts, just click the link below:
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