Lavazza Cheesecake @ Caffe Firenzo, Quirino Branch

August 6, 2013 - It was Tuesday afternoon when I decided to have a dessert at Caffe Firenzo, Quirino Branch since the weather was very hot and it's so unbearable that I have to go inside and have a rest first. And here comes my Caffe Firenzo entry. :D

Caffe Firenzo opened 5 years ago at Damosa. It's their 1st branch and I had my first visit like few years ago with my SSC (Skyscrapercity) friends. I ordered their Iced Latte and it was a yum! This branch in Quirino opened sometime like 3-4 years ago. My first visit was with my friend Dan and we ate their gelato.

This branch occupied a big space to accommodate customers. They cater mostly call center agents, students and of course, coffee lovers. When I arrived in this branch, I've only seen few customers enjoying their coffee and dessert. What I like in this branch is the strong WI-FI connection which made me finish some syndication using my mobile phone. :D

Like other coffee shops here in the city, they also have these desserts that can make your mouth water. But here in Caffe Firenzo, there were lots of cakes that caught my attention. They look so tempting that I want to order them all but since I've already ate my lunch, my eyes were focused on one dessert that I have to eat.

Lavazza Cheesecake
This is what I ordered. This is the Lavazza Cheesecake. It's a coffee-based cheesecake. I've tried a coffee cheesecake before when my sister-in-law Giselle brought home a box of mini-round cheesecakes from Chloe's Cheesecakes. This dessert is surprisingly affordable unlike other desserts that can reach up to 100+ Pesos.

Price: 85 Pesos

This cheesecake is a... YUM! First bite of this cheesecake was so interesting. It had this mocha presence with the creaminess of the cheesecake. The good thing is, it's a light cheesecake contrast to other cheesecakes that is heavy and rich. The crust on the bottom complemented very well with the Lavazza Cheesecake. It added more flavor and I loved it!

Every bite counts! 
My visit at Caffe Firenzo was indeed good as it was a great retreat from the hot weather in the city. Though later on, I found myself sweating and I had to wipe my sweat on my neck. Maybe their air conditioner was not set on high cool. Hehe! Anyway, My dessert was delicious and affordable. Soon enough, I'll return to their place and indulge their dessert while surfing the internet. Thanks Caffe Firenzo for the delicious Lavazza Cheesecake! :D

Thanks for reading!

If you want to know more about Caffe Firenzo, click the link below:


  1. The creamy taste of cheesecake makes this dessert "taste-like-heaven" especially with cappuccino. The photo looks yummy!

  2. i love blueberry cheesecakes, yet i would also like to try that Lavazza cheesecake, how i wish i can get there by riding a jeep only ahaha

  3. I love cheesecakes! It's decadently rocking on my mouth whenever I devour one. Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Anyways, you write such good reviews. I wish I could do the same way with such passion. Keep it up!

  4. I love cheesecakes! I think they're the only cake that I can eat without getting the 'sawa' feeling. The one you had looks pretty well-made :)

    xx Daphne of

  5. I like to partner my cheese cakes with caramel frappe yum! one of my favorite desserts.

  6. Cheesecake is one of the few desserts that I don't mind eating (a lot) lol.

  7. that would be aperfect pair, yummy cheesecake, and strong wifi :) echoing Lainy, you write really very good reviews

  8. My husband loves cheesecakes,Im more into chocolate.

  9. I'm not big on cheesecakes but when a hint of chocolate is incorporated, I'm game.

  10. What a beautiful cafe to relax, unwind and enjoy their cakes. Cheese cake looks delish :-)


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