The Famous Belgian Waffles @ Gaisano Mall of Davao

August 22, 2013 - Few weeks prior to my visit on their branch, seeing the pictures of this "famous" Belgian waffle on Facebook was spreading like wildfire. They said that it was delicious and it's one of the best yet. To my curiosity, I went to their branch in Gaisano Mall of Davao and had a chance to try this Belgian waffle.

Gaisano Mall of Davao Branch
Famous Belgian Waffle opened their first store here in Davao few weeks ago and since then, people were crazy about this waffle that made them took a picture and post it on Facebook. Of course, I was curious on why they're posting the pictures on Facebook and why is it special? Well, there's one thing to do: I've got to try them!

As I arrived at Famous Belgian Waffle, there were few customers and was not so hungry thus, I told the lady that I'll just return and went to visit some stores nearby. When the clock struck at 3 P.M., it was the perfect time to munch in some waffles! :D

Banana Peanut Butter
Their waffles are affordable as it ranges from 35 to 55 Pesos. Their specialty and bestseller is the Banana Hazelnut which costs 55 Pesos. Instead of their bestseller, I chose the Banana Peanut Butter waffle which was cheaper. Price: 45 Pesos.

When the waffle was served into my table, it was big and perfect for my snacks. I asked the man to slice the waffle in half to see what's inside and at the same time, to take a picture of the filling. :D

The taste: When I took the first bite, I felt the crunch of the waffle and I knew that I'm not eating the usual waffle. It has a distinct taste that I want to experience again. Even though it was just a waffle, I would eat it to my heart's content. The filling inside the waffle was a good combination of banana and peanut butter. The creaminess of peanut butter complemented very well with the banana and the waffle itself. If I were to decide, I would order 2 of them and they're a perfect lunch! It's a YUM!

If I happen to pass their store, I would love to buy 1 again and try the Banana Hazelnut. Who knows? I might bring my friends and munch on their waffles while having a hearty conversation! :D

Adieu! Thanks for reading!

To know more about Famous Belgian Waffles, please click the links below:
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  1. Looks yummy to me too.. Kagutom naman nyan.. I will try it when I drop by G-Mall.. Thanks for sharing.. =)

    1. You're welcome! You must try their waffles! Solve na ang gutom! :D

  2. They have a branch in City Tri to and I always visit it :) I love the Choco Hazelnut flavor. It's affordable, so super sulit.

  3. I tasted this before and it's so delicious especially with black favorite!

  4. Waffles is one of our favorite breakfast here.

  5. i love Belgian waffles! in fact, we now have our own waffle maker but i have yet to try a Belgian waffle recipe.

    the price is very affordable i must say, mga $1 - $1.50 lang super sulit!

  6. So yummy! I love Belgian waffles with fresh peach and raspberry compote. Sarap!

  7. The waffle store in the mall in Bohol closed because it was not very popular and people found it very expensive...I don't know why. Anyway, I love waffles and my kids love them too, I always have Eggo in our pantry, that's a brand of waffle here.

  8. Yum! Those definitely look so delicious! Now I am feeling so hungry and it's all because of your nakakagutom post! Lol.

  9. Yes, yes my fave foodie noong high school pa. This one seems very yummy yung Banana Peanut Butter.

  10. When it also first came in Cebu, the queue was very long and almost everybody posted their photos in Facebook. The queue discouraged me to try it. Now that there are many branches, I might wanna try if it really they live up to their name.

  11. I love belgian waffles, I make them once a week for the kids too! :) We smother them with agave syrup, yummm!

  12. I have tried these Belgian waffles and man, it's to-die-for!!!!


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