Zanetti's Smores

September 21, 2013 - Zanetti opened last year at SM City Davao and from the looks of it, they specialize more on gelato. But this day was something different. They have a new product which is, not a gelato flavor but Smores!

Zanetti at the Food Court
Right now, there are lots of gelato stores here in Davao and Zanetti was no exemption. This means that gelato is beginning their presence here and we couldn't be happier to try them! Of course, I want to try something new and when my sister (in the picture) told me to try their smores, I couldn't say no despite of my glutton adventures earlier! :D

Menu and Smores
When I saw the Smores poster, I found myself glued with it. I know that I can try this one soon if I have time since I just ate a lot earlier (The mango float ice cream from coollo, a delicacy from Jaltan..). But since it's my sister's treat, I couldn't say no. :D

The Serving: The smores consists of marshmallows and Hershey's Chocolates being sandwiched with 2 pieces of Graham Crackers. First thing she did was to pud a piece of graham cracker and marshmallows in the oven. Few minutes later, Hershey's Chocolate came next then another piece of graham cracker in the oven. Afterwards, they were served hot to us. It was pretty hot that we need more paper napkins to hold the smores. Price: 25 Pesos.

The Taste: When taking a bite of this smores, I had to be careful especially my hands since some of the marshmallows overflowed. The marriage of chocolate and marshmallows was just so impeccable! The graham crackers tasted so good. This was the simple dessert that I like very much and I can buy this smores anytime that I want!

Arrivederci! Thanks for reading!

- They're already closed. I don't know why. :(


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