Giardino Gelato Bloggers Night @ Abreeza Mall

December 18, 2013 - Life is like a box of chocolates; you'll never know what's inside till you open it. This was the exact moment when I pressed the notification bar on Facebook and saw something that made me pleasantly surprised: An invitation from Giardino Gelato! And I know why: I blogged about them last December 2012 right here. They asked me to RSVP if I'll attend and without thinking twice, I replied to them and I said that I could come. This was the day that I should never miss. :D

Giardino Gelato Commissary
Giardino Gelato Commissary can be found in the blue parking area of Abreeza Mall. For easier access, take an escalator ride going down from Italiannis. As I arrived at the venue, I saw my fellow bloggers already in place. I placed my bag on the chair and started to take pictures.

On the left, you can see the instructions on how to make a perfect gelato while on the right is a sneak peek on how the gelato is processed in the carpigiani.

Table demonstration
To be honest, I don't know what's going to happen on this Bloggers Night till I saw the table with the equipment with it and this made me excited that they're actually gonna make a gelato from scratch! I haven't seen a demonstration on gelato making and this was the chance to witness on how to make one.

Making a gelato
Few minutes after, the demonstration started on how to make a gelato specifically the Straciatella. The milk was already pasteurized therefore, it sped up the process and it is the base ingredient on a gelato. Next was to put quality ingredients that you like. Next thing was to pour them in a carpigiani which is responsible for creating delicious and rich gelato.

After 10 minutes of waiting, the gelato was ready to be served! The Straciatella was drizzled with chocolate syrup and of course, I can't wait to taste this gelato! We were served with a cup and a shovel-like spoon. If it's gelato, expect spoonful of flavors and it was downright delightful! My expectations with Straciatella was always like "good" or "ordinary" but this one exceeded it. It's always better to taste the gelato right from the carpigiani. :D

Making a sorbet
Next thing they did was the Mango Sorbet. If it's sorbet, the only thing that it's not included is the milk. First thing they did was they sliced the mango then scooped with a glass. Add syrup to add sweetness to the sorbet then blended altogether. Afterwards, it's poured in the carpigiani and waited again for 10 minutes.

Mango Sorbet
I remembered how a sorbet was made years ago and it was like grainy and too sweet. But when the Mango Sorbet was served on the table, I was surprised that it doesn't look like a sorbet after all! It even looked like a gelato minus the milk. When I tasted the sorbet, I could taste the mango right away! It's because there was no milk on it it's why the first thing you can taste is the mango itself although it was sweet but it's alright!

New flavors
I thought that we're just gonna try Straciatella and Mango Sorbet but the owner told us that we're the first ones to try their new flavors for next year! We were contained with excitement as of course, we will be the first ones to taste the new flavors and judge them. Here are the new flavors that they'll release next year:

This is the Sesame gelato. When I smelled on this gelato, I could smell the essence of sesame in it.

When I tasted this gelato, it was like a burst of sesame flavor in my palate and it was delicious! I was like eating a delectable sesame seed in a gelato form. I could eat this one over and over again! :D

This is Reese's Nutrageous. It's full of nuts drizzled with caramel and choco syrup all over the gelato.

This has got to be my personal favorite as it has all the flavors and of course it's sweet. The ingredients were in perfect harmony as it gave life and color to the gelato. It's outrageously yummy and worth to try for next year. :D

When we were kids, we used to eat chocnut and loved it ever since. Well, Giardino Gelato made us remember our childhood as they made a Chocnut gelato! 

They got the taste right as I can taste the goodness of chocnut in the gelato and I can even smell it! If you want to revisit your childhood, then watch out for this gelato soon! :D

For durian lovers and for those who can't take the durian fruit, train yourselves first with this Durian gelato.

This gelato has no strong smell like its counterpart but the taste reminded me of a durian candy. I was expecting a strong durian taste just like a real durian but the owner explained to us that the smell affected the other flavors thus it made them smell like durian too. They've adjusted the durian in the gelato and thankfully, it's now included in their roster of new flavors! :D

You might want your kids to stay in their room for a while as these adult-flavored gelato were made especially for adults who happen to love to drink alcoholic beverages.

This is the Appletini and it's one of the cocktails that has a touch of vodka. All I could taste was of course the apple and it's really sweet! One thing I missed though was the touch of vodka in the sorbet. I've tasted vodka and I know what it tasted like. I do hope they'll add more of it to capture the taste of the vodka. :)

One of the adult-based gelato is the Rhum Raisin. I know that rhum is a strong drink and I don't like raisin when it's eaten raw. I like it cooked as it can give a sweet flavor to any food. But combined in a gelato form? This made me curious and freaked out a bit but I've got to try it! :D

Surprisingly, this was like my 3rd favorite gelato flavor! The strong essence of rhum and the sweetness of raisin were well mixed and it produced a great flavor! For those who love rhum and raisin, you should try this one.

With the Davao Bloggers
Thank you so much Giardino Gelato for inviting us this Bloggers Night. I had tons of fun trying out gelatos and sorbets. Well, I'm expecting all of these to be released next year and eat them once again! Watch out Rhum Raisin, Sesame and Reese's Nutrageous as I'll be watching all of you! :D

Arrivederci! Thanks for reading!

If you want to know more about Giardino Gelato, just click the link below:
Giardino Gelato on Facebook


  1. They do have nice flavors for their gelatos and it was nice of you to witness how a gelato is made.

    1. It was really great actually and I never knew that they'll demonstrate on how to make a gelato and sorbet! :D

  2. You are indeed a lucky blogger Jonas. Ganoon pala ang process.

  3. omg! i love gelato! i crave for this almost everyday! lucky we have one that something like this here in malaysia and just nearby to our place. It is indeed a very nice blogger's night! congrats!

    1. Nice! It's a good thing that you have something to crave for near in your place.. :D

  4. Gelato really has an array of ice cream flavors different from any other establishments. Their franchising system is easy and the business has a high revenue turnout.

    1. They would experiment new flavors sometimes and if it's good enough, they can introduce it to the market.. :D

  5. These look awesome. Next time I go to Davao I will surely check this out.

    1. You may just drop by at Gelatone in Manila though. It's just the same owner.. :)

  6. How does these Gelato taste? Do they differ from other ice cream brand? Why this is called "Gelato"?

    1. They do taste a lot different. Gelato tends to be richer and thicker. They taste better since you can taste the flavor right away.

  7. OMG I'm a big gelato/ice cream fan! I wish I was in the event! Looks really exciting! :)

    xx Daphne of

  8. The flavors are unique! Hey, I still cannot distinguish between the taste of sorbet / gelato and regular ice cream. Milk and no milk are both fine. :)

  9. Wow ang sasarap naman! Males me crave for gelato now hehehe maybe I'll buy later :D

  10. OMG!! gusto ko din ng ganito! gelato bloggers night! gusto ng gelato now na! :D HAHAHA

  11. Ohh my goodness. I haven't tasted this yet! Now I'm craving for this even more. -___- Is it really better than ordinary desserts?

  12. Reese's Nutrageous is soooo tempting. Ay jusko, Jonas! Ginutom mo na naman ako sa post mo na to sa madaling araw, kung kelan need ko na mag-cut ng meals hahaha! :)


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