Taking Down The KFC's Double Down!

January 20, 2013 - It was dinner time when I decided to have dinner at KFC Quirino Branch and since I was just footsteps away and it was 7 P.M., it was a perfect time for me to chow down the Double Down! C'mon! Let's dig in! :D

Double Down
Actually, Double Down is not new to me as I've seen this one in the commercials before. My reaction was like "Are they crazy?" or some sort. Double Down is like a burger but the difference is, instead of burger buns, they used chicken! It's like the chicken's revenge since they're the ones being sandwiched by the burger buns and now, this is their time to take down! (insert evil laugh) BWAHAHAHA! :D

And because I got curious on how it taste like, I immediately ordered it. Price: 160 Pesos for regular and 120 Pesos for Junior. This meal comes with french fries and a drink.

Closer look.. YUUM! :D
The Serving:
When I saw the Double Down, I thought it's gonna be big but it was not what I've expected. It was small like a junior-size Double Down but I convinced myself to just eat and enjoy the Double Down. In the picture, you can see the mayo, cheese and ham and I suppose, bacon. I poured a tomato ketchup inside for added flavor and color. :D

The Taste:
For those who love chicken, you're gonna dive on this one as it is scrumptious! For the chicken, it tasted just like when you're eating a regular KFC chicken meals but it's good. As for other ingredients, my favorites were the cheese and mayo! They tasted so good that I can eat the Double Down with only cheese and mayo. But be careful as the chicken itself is greasy and you can get messy while eating. You need to be an expert on eating the Double Down. If you love chicken and a big fan, you might want to order this one and judge for yourself. Till then! :D

Adios! Thanks for reading!

If you're in Davao and want to try this meal, visit these branches:
- KFC SM City Davao - 1st floor beside Greenwich
- KFC Gaisano Mall of Davao - 1st floor across National Bookstore
- KFC Abreeza - 1st floor beside McDonalds
- KFC SM Lanang Premier - 3rd floor beside Jollibee
- KFC Quirino - Across Davao Doctor's Hospital and Merco


  1. hmmm, looks so crispy-licious. have never thought of making chicken like a bun, am sure the chicken lover would love this one/

  2. Argggh you are killing me, you are going to tempt me to eat midnight snack lol. This looks delish!

  3. Hmmmm am sure the kiddos would give two thumbs up for this!!! I would love to try this next weekend! We have no family date this week. The mayo and cheese thought is making me crave hahaha...maybe we should go to the city now!!♡

  4. Thanks for making me salivate hahaha. I haven't had chicken in more than 2 years. I can see how crispy the chickens are. Kakatakam.

  5. kfc double down is one of the most requested pasalubong in our home hehe

  6. I seldom order at KFC here but I like their chickens. I always order a family bucket of 12 chickens whist cost $40 but it comes with a lot more :-) They are really good :-)

  7. I find that weird! Hehehehe! Instead of buns they used chicken? Hahahaha! I have to try it myself before I conclude that it's not worth the try.

  8. I seldom go in KFC.If I go there and just order the liver.It's really good.

  9. So this is an addition to their crispy chicken burger, which is my favorite in KFC, ma try nga.

  10. I'm not really a fan of KFC. I can't say much about the food. I used to love the crispy hot chicken but when I ordered one before, the chicken is too tiny I though KFC was doing cost-cutting.


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