The Oriental Chicken @ Hue Cafe

January 12, 2014 - When you're in Hue Cafe, expect the unexpected but since it's a cafe, expect coffee, refreshing drinks, delectable desserts and... rice meals! Yup! They have rice meals and they're not just ordinary rice meals but they come in big proportions! I'll introduce to you this cafe before we dive into my lunch today. Shall we? :D

Hue Cafe menu
Hue Cafe or University Hue Cafe first opened last year. It's located at the former convenience store which was ran by the NCCC Group. Although I missed it very much, it also paved the way for the new store to make its presence felt. Hue Cafe simultaneously opened with nearby stores formed in one name "Ateneo Business Center." They cater mostly students from Ateneo de Davao University but they also serve outside ADDU students (like me!).

Inside Hue Cafe
Since it's lunch, my plan was to eat at SM City Davao since it's near my home and still have to attend a 3 P.M. class. But when I saw the rice meals here at Hue Cafe and it's already 12 P.M., I had to go inside and order some lunch!

The space was big and perfect for students who want to enjoy a cup of coffee while having a group study, projects or just surfing the internet but in my case; blogging! :D They have lounge chairs for big groups or families to chill and have a fun conversation.

As what I've said, they serve hot drinks such as coffees, iced drinks, blended drinks, snacks, pasta and rice meals. I asked the lady in the counter about their specialty and she recommended me to order their fried pork adobo. I had second thoughts about it but I gave a go signal for her to order me one. But when I saw the Oriental Chicken, it looked so delicious and immediately, I changed the order (silly me..). Price: 90 Pesos without drinks; 150 Pesos with drinks.

I sat down and opened the laptop, phone and surfed the internet. Minutes after, my Green Apple Iced Tea arrived and to my surprise, it was in a tall beer mug! 

Green Apple Iced Tea
Honestly, I don't know how to finish a ginormous iced tea in a tall beer mug! I can say that it's worth to spend a 150 bucks on this meal! It's not as sweet as other iced teas but I prefer this taste of iced tea. I could just gulp on this one and one reason I ordered this drink was the color! Who's not to love a green iced tea? 

The Oriental Chicken
This is my Oriental Chicken and it looked delicious! This chicken has a big proportion with the thigh and drumstick still connected and it's glazed with a soy garlic sauce. They also have spicy ones but I chose the first one instead. The chicken is topped with sesame seeds. And since it's a rice meal, it has a cup of rice on the side.

Closer look.. Yum! :D
First bite of the chicken and flavors were like fireworks! It exploded just anywhere in my mouth! But since I love sauce, I hope they could add more so that I could enjoy more on the chicken. But my issue is on their rice. I think it looked like they've cooked it early in the morning and reheated it. I hope they could serve a newly cooked rice for lunch for me to enjoy munching! Nonetheless, my 150 Peso lunch was well spent!

Adieu! Thanks for reading!

If you want to know more about Hue Cafe, click the link below:


  1. the chicken looks good and scrumptious, the green tea looks very healthy too.

  2. Yay! a perfect place to hang out and have fun with friends :-) You make me drool with the rice and chicken :-)

  3. hmmm, that green apple iced tea looks so refreshing, will try nga to make it here at home if I can do it :)

  4. the place looks amazing!! nice seeing computers there as well and looks cozy too! defitenly the chicken looks yummy!

  5. The green tea iced tea looks very interesting. Is it really that green? It's my first time to encounter such deep green color.

  6. the Oriental chicken looks yummy and the tea looks so refreshing! the hubby and I am sure could finish drinking that kind of tea in a flash hahaha...

  7. Wow! Sulit na sulit ang P150. Ang laki ng chicken at iced tea.^_^

  8. Oriental chicken sounds and look delicious!

  9. Soy garlic sauce is so perfect for chicken! That looks so juicy!

  10. Liked the green apple iced tea at chicken with rice....really a good place to dine.

  11. How do you think the chicken and rice meal compares with other mainstream fast food chains like KFC, Jollibee and McDonald's?

  12. Glad you found a great place to eat and study/blog/chill, I wish there was a cafe like this near our school! I'm so tired of eating fast food and the canteen food is always an assortment of fried food with somewhat small proportions. :3

    Have you tried any other rice meals since then? :)

    1. This was the first rice meal I've tried so, nope! I haven't tried other rice meals.. :)

  13. the oriental chicken looks really yummy!! here in Manila I get that kind of Chicken Fix from Manang's Chicken

  14. This place is indeed perfect for student. I wonder why they used beer mug for an iced tea..hahaha.. But I'm sure the food is SULIT.

  15. That's what I also notice from your plate, the rice looks so dry. At least the oriental chicken taste good which makes up the lousy rice.

  16. The chicken is glimmering and it made me drool! Added to list-to-go when I visit Davao this summer.

  17. That looks really good. I wish they have a branch here in Manila so I could check it out too.


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