The Velvet Sundae Series By Manang's Chicken

February 22, 2014 - Everyday, I always check my e-mail if I have time since these days, I always receive some messages like they want me to do a food review of their new products or an invitation to join an event. In this case, after my visit at Manang's Chicken here at Gaisano Mall of Davao, they've sent me an e-mail if I could try their Durian Velvet. Without hesitation, I couldn't miss this chance to try them!

Fudge Velvet and Durian Velvet
When the Durian Velvet was not available when I visited last Tuesday, they made me try their Fudge Velvet first and just yesterday, Ken sent a text message that the Durian Velvet was available and reserved 1 for me! I just had to rush from my house to Manang's Chicken just to try it!

Closer look
These delectable and tempting velvet sundaes are not your ordinary sundaes as they're MORE than what you've expected. The Fudge Velvet is a sundae drizzled with chocolate syrup topped with chocolate kisses. While the Durian Velvet is a sundae coated with yellow sun sugar and sprinkled with rice crispies on top. Price: 49 Pesos.

The yummy layers of velvet sundaes
Below the sundae is a surprise awaiting as it has yummy layers to be scooped out with a spoon. The Fudge Velvet has a chocolate cake below while the Durian Velvet has durian jam and vanilla cake. You can mix them with the ice cream to add more flavor. I swear, they're delicious!

Scooped out with the spoon
The Taste:
I tried first the Fudge Velvet last Tuesday since the Durian Velvet was not available. Every spoonful was just so good that I wanted more! But the surprise unfolded me when I found out that there was a cake underneath and it was warm! I actually loved it but it was dry for me. Maybe I didn't mix it with the ice cream to produce more flavor but nonetheless, I was able to finish it.

The second one was the Durian Velvet that I tried yesterday after Ken sent me a text message. They served it right away. I've noticed that it was the yellow sun sugar that I've tasted and it went very well with the ice cream. It's a bit sweet but if you're a sweet tooth, you'll gonna dig this one for sure. The durian jam underneath the sundae gave a strong aroma to the sundae and made it more delicious and if it's mixed with vanilla cake and ice cream, to be honest, I felt like I was in heaven! The cake was moist and everything in the Durian Velvet was perfect! I would make a visit just to eat the Durian Velvet and indulge myself with it!

If you're to visit Manang's Chicken, remember to order their Velvet Sundaes as they're a perfect dessert to your hearty lunch and dinner.I guarantee that you'll never regret ordering the sundaes. If you're a chocolate lover, Fudge Velvet is for you and if you're a sucker for durian, then Durian Velvet is a perfect choice.

Thank you so much Manang's Chicken for inviting me to taste the Velvet Sundaes, to Kelvin for trusting me on this, to Ken for accommodating while I stayed at the restaurant and for the staff for being courteous!

Au Revoir! Thanks for reading!

If you want to know more about Manang's Chicken, click the link below:


  1. it really looks delish, how i wish Davao would only be just a jeepney ride away from me hehe, anyway we just buy FIC Durian ice cream when we crave for durian :)

  2. Oh my Lord, these are salivating dessert to try!

  3. I always love sundaes...they are just good to eat esp during warm weather, those are just tempting me to make one.

  4. Wow! I love sweets and I am actually eating ice cream at the moment. But those sundaes look so different from the ones offered by fastfoods. Those looks so tempting! I haven't tried durian though, because of the smell. :D I would love to try that chocolate sundae! I wonder how the bottom tastes. :D

  5. I feel like crying right now! LOL. Everything is just so tempting and so drooling! And it is a huge problem because I can never find this here! Huhuhu.

  6. oh i would like to get those invitations too, wish davao is nearby for me to try the durian sundae, something we don't have here :(

  7. Hmmm these sundaes are sinful :-) They look so delish that I can cheat on my food challenge :-)

  8. I love to try the Durian flavored one!!! I am a sucker for sweet treats and gee these definitely made me drool!!!:)

  9. now I'm hungry for dessert! I would love to try that durian velvet. I wonder how it tastes for a sundae.

  10. I'm drooling for both especially the durian velvet. I'm so curious to taste it. Too bad, I'm on the other side of the world.

  11. I love Manang's, they serve good food at affordable prices.

  12. It looks so tempting! I haven't tried Manangs just yet but definitely will when I am around Davao.


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