Big Davao Fun Sale.. Are You Ready?

March 7, 2014 - Normally, when we talk about "Sale", it lasts for days or a week. Sometimes we want to make it longer just to avail big discounts! I also like seeing people buying the best bags, shirts or gadgets that are on sale and wear happy face right after.

But now, Davao is gearing up for the biggest, month-long sale as the malls, hotels, restaurants, resorts and other merchants, with the participation of the City Government, will hold a "Big Davao Fun Sale!" Now, what's in store in this month-long sale and what made this one the most anticipated sale in Davao?

Well, to the big discounts and greatest sales in the malls, one can just go crazy as they go really low and it's just so tempting to buy the things you want! For a complete schedule, you may refer to the image below:

Here are the schedules of the Big Davao Fun Sale in participating malls citywide:

NCCC Mall Davao
Photo from: NCCC Mall Davao Facebook Page

Abreeza Mall
Photo from: Abreeza Facebook Page

SM City Davao
Photo from: SM City Davao Facebook Page

SM Lanang Premier
Photo from: SM Lanang Premier Facebook Page

Gaisano Mall of Davao
Photo from: Gaisano Mall of Davao Facebook Page

Now, what are you waiting for? Mark your calendars, head down south for those who want to experience shopping here in the "Shopping Mecca of the South" that is Davao! Not only shopping but the best eats, fare discounts, superb accommodation and summer getaway that will surely make your 4 weeks of discounts worth! I have to ask you this: Are you ready? Because I'm now ready! Big Davao Fun Sale Is Coming To Town!

Madayaw! Thanks for reading!

If you want to know more about Big Davao Fun Sale, just click the link below:
Big Davao Fun Sale on Facebook


  1. Sale is something that I always look forward to because we can buy the things we want at a lesser price.

  2. That would be a nice time to buy the things you need at home or for future gifts.

  3. I'm sure most shoppers are looking forward this opportunity to shop all their favorite brands and fashion

  4. Shopping galore! This is really great news to the many shoppingista hahaha.

  5. I love shopping when there's a big sale. I bet people in Davao are looking forward for this event. They can shop till they drop, lol!

  6. Oh wow! I love sales and I love shopping! I have to schedule my trip next time when I am in the Philippines and if that is an annual thing then all the better!

  7. Hahahaha! Sale! People will surely flock the mall by that time! You won't see me there for sure!

  8. I am one of those who are waiting for this. Hehehe

  9. Davao residents should thank these establishments in offering sales and discounts. Businesses are flourishing around Davao City. They should spend it wisely after all.

  10. This makes me sad I'm not in Davao right now. :( Blogging about all the wonderful places there sounds like a terrific idea.

  11. I have been hearing about this huge sale from my sister's family in Toril. They said they wish they have enough funds to shop because the sales are really so tempting.

  12. this is similar to Great Singapore Sale, i wish i live there so that i could shop till i drop. :)

  13. Looking forward to this event.... ooohhhhh.... it starts today!!! Cooooooolllllllllllll!!!!

  14. Wow, one of the many reasons why Davao is worth visiting! Hope to visit the city on these dates! Thanks for the info!


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