Davao Gourmet Collective: Street Food Fest

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March 14, 2014 - Street Food is not just a Filipino culture but a worldwide culture as it has its own preparation and quick way to cook them. Some may love it, some may not find them good but in this event, with the celebration of Araw ng Davao 2014 and in support for Big Davao Fun Sale, SM Lanang Premier held another wave of Davao Gourmet Collective but this time, it's Street Food Fest!

Different restos showcased different street food that the visitors loved and munch all over again! Luckily, I was invited together with fellow bloggers to experience a different kind of street food fest. The participating purveyors are listed below.

JR Pastry
JR Pastry is owned by Mr. Jonathan Ramirez and they offer rich, flavorful homemade cupcakes and dessert bars at affordable prices that you'll surely love to eat and just be in heaven for minutes! I had a chance to try the Triple Chocolate Cupcake and I was surely in heaven!

Bistro Selera
Bistro Selera is owned by Maria Corazon Sanga and Kathy Secretaria. Bistro Selera brought us festival delish food finds inspired by Filipino dishes. I tried their Crispy Pata served in soft taco and that was just perfect! The crispy pata tasted so good with other veggies. The sauce added much flavor and complemented well with other ingredients. It's a must try!

Kushiya is owned by Michelle Oshima. It's a bit different from what I've seen in traditional Japanese food as it serves of course, Japanese street food like Yakitori and Japanese BBQ. I had the chance to try one of their BBQ's and with just salt and pepper, it was so good! The meat itself was soft and easy to chew unlike other BBQ's that I've tried. I wanna eat more of this! :D

Sweet Spot Artisan Ice Cream
If you're craving for something cold, creamy, sweet but unique ice cream, then Sweet Spot Artisan Ice Cream is for you! It's the first and only maker of artisan ice cream here in Davao City. It's owned by Ms. Bianca Dizon. Since I've already tried their Crocodile Ice Cream, they offered something new and it was the Vanilla Ostrich Ice Cream! The lady gave me two scoops of the ice cream and it was indeed creamy! It's just like an ordinary vanilla ice cream but of course, more delectable!

Cellar de Boca
Cellar de Boca is a Spanish-themed restaurant found at SM Lanang Premier on the second floor. It's a special collaboration between Tricie Pengson-Arcenas, her husband Vince Arcenas and wine importers Bobby Basa Tenchavez and Carlo Calma Lorenzana. I've tried their empanada and it has a unique taste that for sure, you'll like it too! :D

Malagos Farmhouse Cheeses
Indeed a Davao's Pride, Malagos Farmhouse Cheese has become famous for its natural products and farm-fresh food from the gardens such as gourmet cheese and specialty food products such as tableya. I've tried their cheese with pesto and it was a delight that it tasted so good and a great partner with crackers! It was surprisingly creamy when eaten but the flavors were like dancing in my mouth! :D

Pan de Slider
Pan de Slider is a creation by one of Davao City's young and promising chefs, Chef Monica Moran-Floirendo. This is her own take of street food and tried the Kesong Puti with Caramelized Onions. Every slider comes with kamote chips and maggi aioli on the side. For the vegetarians, I recommend this one!

Cacao de Davao
For many years, Davao's cacao products have become popular for their rich irresistible taste. Cacao de Davao's Elaine Lim gave us a taste of the world-class cocoa creations that are of course, proudly made in Davao. I've tried one of the chocolate bars that has 70% dark chocolate and I was satisfied with it! In fact, it was tasty than other dark chocolates I've tried! Good thing was, I didn't sneeze right after. :D

El Gaucho
If you want a taste of Mexico, just visit El Gaucho owned by Chef Gemma Herradura and Kat Princess Marfori. Their specialty is the ChichaRice which is a fusion of chicharon and rice. I tried their tacos and there were like tons of vegetables inside the taco but managed to finish it! The harmony of the vegetables were just perfect and the taste was good! But if there was a sauce, this would've been my favorite! :D

Ineng's Special BBQ
Ineng's Special BBQ is a semi-casual barbecue chain serving quality food made from fresh and natural ingredients, barbecued products marinated and grilled to perfection. It's helmed by Michelle Santiago. I wasn't able to try their BBQ therefore, I couldn't judge if it's delicious or not but from the looks of it, it has a thick pork meat skewered in a BBQ stick and the color can attract hungry customers!

Bangkok Wok
Bangkok Wok was founded in 2009 by couple Raffy and Carmina Mapa-del Rosario. It serves Thai cuisine in its most authentic and unpretentious form. Carmina spent her growing up years in Bangkok. I was able to try their baos and even though it was small, the flavors were there and to be honest, I was craving for more! :D

Bleu Chili Wing Bar
Bleu Chili is fast-becoming a favorite food spot in the metro for its delish food offerings. Owned by partners Chef Martin Lozano and Chef Gemma Herradura, its crispy fried wings to their varied choices of dips, sauces and ice teas, yes, you can never go wrong with Bleu Chili. I missed this one since I've tried most of the food but I'll not miss this one for sure if they'll participate for the next Davao Gourmet Collective. :)

Cusina Ilocana
Cusina Ilocana by Philip Pimentel and Jose Tabbada offered us the various street food eats that are made famous in Ilocos. I've tried their Royal Bibingka and it looked like a cassave cake but the taste was so different BUT in a good way. It was delicious in fact and the bibingka was something for me to just eat during snacks. I liked it!

The Davao Gourmet Collective ran from March 14 to 16 and March 21 to 23. This was an event that gave me a chance to try different cuisines prepared in their own way and I couldn't choose which one was the best but I tell you, they've showcased their best products prepared in a street food style that everyone will surely love to eat and.. eat more! Thank you SM Lanang Premier for this wonderful event. See you again soon!

Adios! Thanks for reading!


  1. Replies
    1. There'll be 2 more of this to watch out. Stay tuned! :D

  2. Looking at all these food made me hungry (at midnight! imagine that). Davao City is an interesting place. There are so many fun activities to do.

  3. you can see and tell the different street foods we can possibly made for people's satisfaction.

  4. I miss street food especially in Davao so many food to choose from and its affordable.

  5. oh, wow! It looks like a great event...that's the kind of adventure I would like to do when I visit the Philippines again....food tripping street foods!

  6. oh, a lot to indulge, ZI miss street foods, especially fish balls :)

  7. Looks like fun ! I have not been to a street food fest and I'm sure there are lots of great tasting food, the photos looks so delish..!

  8. love all the foods here especially the pastry ones! I love eating them and missing filipino foods and craving them now after reading your blogpost x0~ www.tauyanm.com

  9. The lady who based the street food in the Philippines being bad should come to this place! You should invite her lol.

    1. Yeah! I would love to invite her in this kind of event so that she can taste what are street foods here in Davao taste like.. Maybe in the next event. :D

  10. Those street foods look so delectable. I bet you had fun tasting them!

    1. I sure did! nomnom! I had so much fun! :D

  11. I really love street food. It would be fun tasting them all... and diet will be ruined! hehehehe.

  12. OMG!!! Bakit ka ganyan? I really miss street foods. You really got me drooling :-)

  13. What a divine, glorious treat for all of yah! Who doesn't love street foods? I am no Polish blogger so I am so fine with it ;-)


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