An Eclectic Lunch @ The White House Fusion Cuisine

April 1, 2014 - When I first visited at The White House, my aim was to get a taste of the Yamamomo Cheesecake since it was featured on Kris TV. After that episode, I couldn't just wait to try it myself and it's why, after our early dinner at Bulgogi Brothers, I was a bit brave to visit the place and it was just a perfect dessert to cap off the night!

When I was invited by Joyce Mariscal to try the dishes for lunch, I accepted the invitation since I was free that time and with my fellow bloggers, this lunch will be memorable as we just had some fun munching and indulging our senses.

Outside The White House
When you visit The White House, just expect and fall in love with the place itself! The first time I've visited this resto was at night and yes, it was romantic and I fell in love! But when I arrived at this resto on a daytime, damn! It looks so relaxing and again, I fell in love! Just imagine having lunch with your favorite food in an outdoor setting with trees and caressing wind, just perfect! For interior pictures, click here.

Bread and Butter
Although we started late, we didn't mind about it and I was not that hungry so we just waited for a while. While waiting, we were given a slice of bread and butter. The bread seems tasty and perfect with butter. I love the swirl on the butter. :D

Caramel Iced Tea and the starter
We were also asked to order a drink and I got curious on their Iced Tea section as it has Caramel and Fruit Iced Tea. I ordered their Caramel Iced Tea first just to have a taste of it. At first it tasted like a sweet medicine and it reminded me of a strong caramel flavored candy. The starter (which I forgot the name) tasted good and perfect while waiting for the food to arrive.

Unagi and Torchon of Foie Gras Box Sushi
For you to know what Unagi means, it is an eel and it's used in Japanese cuisine. This dish is served with green oburro and Japanese cucumber. When I was about to pick it up with chopsticks, I felt embarrassed as it was like destroyed and I felt the need of a spoon to scoop up the remaining sushi. BUT, when I ate this one, the flavors were like an explosion! You don't even need a soy sauce to add flavor. The unagi itself is so soft that I could slice it easily. Overall, it's one appetizer that I'm gonna eat again (I could even have this for lunch!).

Smoked Toro Tempura Roll
If you ask the owner about the specialty, it is the Smoked Toro Tempura Roll. It consists of braised gobo and carrots served with Ponzu sauce. Presentation wise, it's attractive and I like the way it's arranged. It also shows the colors of the Smoked Toro and it entices the hungry foodies to eat! I couldn't say this is the most delicious but it's one of the most flavorful appetizer that I had. They were like everywhere and I could taste almost all of the ingredients!  

Sauteed Seafood Medley with Wasabi Coconut Sauce
If there's the contest of being the softest salmon, this one is the runaway winner! Although not my favorite amongst the appetizers, this one surely fits the bill for those who love salmon. I love the presentation though and the prawns is a big bonus! :D

Wasabi Oyster Tempura
When we talk about food presentation, this dish can easily bag the top prize. The Baked Oyster is placed with a plate full of salt and to add points to the presentation, an oyster shell served as a spoon to the Baked Oyster.

Cream Cheese Salmon Maki
If there's one maki that I've been eyeing for the first few minutes is the Cream Cheese Salmon Maki. I loved the idea of having cream cheese on a maki and I was so happy that I was able to taste one. When I ate the maki, it blew me away as of course, the cream cheese dominated and it was of course creamy and a perfect combo with the maki. But the salmon was unnoticeable as I wasn't able to taste it. Overall, I love this maki and would love to indulge again! :D

White House Wagyu Burger
When I looked upon the menu and saw the Wagyu Burger, I couldn't hide my excitement as I can finally taste it! The burger itself was so big and I asked myself a question if I can finish it considering that I've eaten lots of delicious appetizers already! Still I gave this one a try and sliced it. This White House Wagyu Burger has 150g Grilled Wagyu Burger with brioche burger buns, wasabi onion rings, heiloom tomatoes, gruyere cheese mushroom sauce, teriyaki mayo, caramelized onions, tyrolian bacon and lettuce served with sweet potato chips. When I tasted the burger, it was a bit sweet due to the caramelized onions but yes, this is one of the best burgers I've tried although it's expensive, every bite was worth it!

U.S. Hanging Tender Steak
This dish is served with pumpkin risoni, konbu marinated buttered seasonal vegetables with red wine sauce. The tender steak itself was so soft that I could cut it with a spoon. Flavors were in great harmony especially the red wine sauce that coated the steak. What I love the pumpkin risoni is the smoothness of it. It was not lumpy and grainy compared to a squash.

Here are some of the dishes that they've ordered:

Raspberry Vinaigrette Salad, Pako and Prawn Salad and Portobello Confit Salad
Raspberry Vinaigrette Salad is served with truffle oil, mixed greens, quail eggs, seasonal fruits and parma ham. Pako and Prawn Salad is served with red onion vinaigrette, salted egg, cherry tomatoes and mixed greens. Portobello Confit Salad is served with maple ponzu dressing sprinkled with crispy julienned tofu and seasonal vegetables.

Grilled Rack of Lamb
This dish is served with lamb hash and blue cheese saffron tortellini, ratatouille set on fried green tea soba, lamb au jus and dehydrated akadashi miso.

Grilled U.S. Top Blade
This dish is served with shiitake mushroom risotto, roasted tomato with grilled zuchinni, onion steak and red wine sauce.

Grilled Angus Ribeye

Baked Oyster
This dish is served with foie gras yuzu hollandaise topped with caviar.

Trilogy of Foie Gras
Collectively known as the "Trilogy of Foie Gras". First one is the Pan Seared Foie Gras set on Nasu Miso. Second is the Poached Foie Gras set on onion steak in teriyaki balsamic sauce and lastly, Torchon of Foie Gras with cranberry ponzu and dehydrated apple chips.

Banoffee Tart
Now we head to the desserts as we're gonna taste this delectable yet sinful Banoffee Pie! It consists of baked chocolate custard and pecan pie crust, served with caramelized bananas, dulce de leche and chantilly cream. Unlike other Banoffee Pies I've tasted, it only has mild sweetness to which it satisfies my taste buds and it's best paired with the cream. Got to love the presentation too especially the sauce drizzled on the plate!

Yamamomo Cheesecake
Well, this cheesecake deserves an introduction. This is the cheesecake that has been the talk of the town since it's appearance on Kris TV last year and this cheesecake was the reason why I went here in The White House. I can truly say that the Yamamomo Cheesecake really is different and still tasted the same the first time I tried it. It's expensive though but damn! I loved it! :D

Bibingka Super Special
Kakanins are Filipino delicacies that are served during snack time or special occasions such as fiestas, birthdays or an important event. They're usually a bit sweet and Filipinos love sweet foods. In this case, we were served with Bibingka Super Special. What made this bibingka special is the pure usage of "galapong" which is one of the key ingredient for making a bibingka. This bibingka also has sliced salted eggs that can add more flavor. It's best served with sugar and desiccated coconut. A yummy delicacy that you should try. 

Puto Bumbong
Whenever Christmas season comes, I always think of one kakanin: Puto Bumbong. I've tried different version of it and I was not satisfied with the taste as it was bland even though I already had the desiccated coconut and margarine. But when I tried this Puto Bumbong, everything just changed and it was delicious! This is the kakanin that I can eat and love. 

Mixed Berries Tea
To cap off the lunch, a cup of tea completed my day and it smelled so good and helped my digestion after devouring and munchin' off our lunch. Definitely the best partner when it comes to heavy meals. You don't wanna go rollin' on the floor aren't you? :D

Ms. Cathy Binag (center) with the Davao Bloggers
Thank you so much The White House for the wonderful lunch and to Ms. Cathy Binag for accommodating and sharing her stories with us. We were all satisfied and now I know what to eat in this resto!
Again, thank you very much!

Au Revoir! Thanks for reading!

If you want to know more about The White House Fusion Cuisine, click the link below:
The White House Fusion Cuisine on Facebook


  1. Ang sarap naman nyan, nagugutom ako just by looking at those love pics. I'm from Davao but still has plenty of places not yet explored. But i really love your pics. I have a site to
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    1. Thank you so much! They really are delicious! You must give them a try when you visit their resto.. :)

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