Two-Day Accommodation @ Microtel, General Santos City

April 23, 2014 - After our stint at SM City General Santos, everyone of us wanted to relax and change our clothes. It's why we headed to Microtel GenSan to just do everything: Unload our baggage and other stuff. Microtel has its first branch in Davao which happened to be located in Damosa. To be located in a highway is a big advantage on this branch hence it was easy for us to travel from SM City GenSan to Microtel.

Microtel GenSan

Microtel GenSan has all the access to restaurants, malls and other establishments. Located near the highway, you can easily call the taxis, tricycles and other mode of transportations. This branch also has a ramp that adds the accessibility of the vehicles and people with disabilities.

In front of Microtel is a garden that can make your day brighter. I love how they added the garden that can please every traveler's eyes especially that I love gardens! A little pocket of greens can help a lot.

Main Lobby
As far as I can remember, the lobby in Microtel Davao is much smaller than this one. It's spacious that one can do the somersault in front of the visitors! In this lobby, there are magazines and newspapers for you to read and their sofas are quite different too! It reminded me of Anne Pamintuan's creation back in Davao.

In their reception area, one must register and pay first before claiming the card that has access to the door before entering the rooms. Once you're in your room, insert the card again and turn the knob. The room costs 2,800 Pesos per stay.

Dining Area
This dining area serves breakfast for those who are staying in Microtel GenSan. It's buffet style so you can get as much as you can. Before you eat the breakfast, you need to tell the receptionist that you'll be having a breakfast and mention your room number for you to claim the ticket that you have to surrender later on before getting any food being prepared. Usually, they'll give two tickets if you have a companion.

Our room
Every room in Microtel has 2 bedrooms which can provide comfort that you deserve. In our room, we have a cabinet, television, lounge chair. The card must be inserted in its holder at all times while you're in the room. Once you pull it out, all appliances and lights will turn off in seconds.

Their bathroom has a big space enough for you to make it like a stage! Everything in the bathroom is neatly prepared for the guest. Big towels folded above the hanger, smaller towels prepared above the toilet along with the shampoo, soap and toothbrush. Their shower area can be a bit tricky especially the faucet as it has a series of combinations for you to use it but once you get the hang of it, it can be easier to use the faucet.

All we did in the afternoon was resting in the bed as we grew all tired roaming around SM City GenSan but we had to move our butts off as they still had an activity to attend while us, still stayed in our bed but went to SM later in the evening to catch up with them.

Saturday, April 26, we had our breakfast together with my nephews and niece. Good thing my dad and his companion gave us their tickets for breakfast so we're entitled to have breakfast for four since they'll have their own breakfast at SM City GenSan. :D

Cheese Omelet/Omelette du Fromage
In our breakfast, one can choose how they would like their egg dish to be cooked. I chose to have a cheese omelet since I love cheese and their combination is superb when it comes to taste and texture. Although my omelet had only a few cubes of cheese inside, it was still delicious. :D

Bread with butter and jam
Breakfast won't be complete without a bread and butter or jam to go with. Filipino breads tend to be sweet it's why I loved their bread and their butter perfectly combined with it! Their jam tasted so good also and it complements so well with the other bread they have. I would love to eat tons of bread they have but got to have limits too. :D

Dried Fish (Danggit)
if there's one dried fish I would love to eat every morning is the danggit. It's not very salty like other dried fish that I've tried to which I really don't like eating. Danggit is also easy to eat but I would often take the head off while eating it. It got me excited once they served it on the buffet table. :D

Corned Beef
When we talk breakfast, corned beef is always on the menu. It can be with onions and potatoes or just plain one. Their corned beef served beautifully and yes, it's delicious! Nothing more can I say about this corned beef but try it for yourself. :D

Chicken Adobo
We all know that when we talk about Filipino dish, adobo comes first in our mind and even the foreigner's mind. But one can't deny that adobo is one of the most delicious dish and perfectly served during breakfast or anytime of the day. What I love in adobo is the sauce that is so perfect with rice. The sour but sweet taste of the adobo goes well with the sweet taste of rice.

What would be a breakfast without a tasty cereals? Again, for a very long time, I haven't eaten a cereal and I wouldn't miss a chance to get some and actually taste it again. It's a good thing they've added this to the breakfast menu. Yum! :D

Just say Kutsinta and it will ring my two ears! I really love eating kutsinta with dessicated coconut on top. Kutsinta has a sweet taste that comes with sticky texture when slicing it. The dessicated coconut neutralizes the sweetness of Kutsinta which makes this kakanin a must try while staying here in the Philippines. It's why I got three simply because, I miss them! :D

Well, this concludes our stay here in Microtel GenSan and I can say that it was great! The accommodation was awesome and they lived up to the standards! The receptionist were very kind to us to the point that they laughed with us with our quirky behavior. Thank you Microtel GenSan for making our 2-day stay in the city memorable and if given a chance, I would love to stay in this place again! :D

Au Revoir! Thanks for reading!


  1. Not bad for P2,800.00, the place looks decent enough and clean

  2. Sulit ang rate. Whenever we go look for a hotel to spend the night, we usually check the toilet and bathroom. Metikuloso si misis when it comes to Restrooms.

  3. Microtel is one nice hotel. I love their setting. Oh my! look at all the delicious food especially the kutsinta :-) I want one of those :-)

  4. Nice place and reasonable price. Davao must really be a cool place to visit. I hope to go there someday. Hmm... maybe when I get to be 60! I could then avail of the Senior Citizen discounts! Haha.

  5. I only tried to sleep two nights in a hotel for our Board Exam and it was really a relaxing place. If mauulit uli I wanna try Microtel naman.

  6. Never been to a Microtel when it was here in Cebu. Microtel here is now called Be Resort in Mactan.

  7. Wow Jonas you had a grand time there huh, i notice Microtel has same design in every place they have a branch, i thought it was Microtel Palawan!

  8. Wow! the rate is so great plus the food looks amazing :)

  9. Nice travel and the food looks crazy delicious...great of you to stay at Microtel.

  10. 2-in-1 talaga. Nice place to spend the night and yummy foods.

  11. Iv'd never been to Microtel because we normally go to a budget hotel when traveling. But if we have an extra budget then why not? It's more comfortable to sleep in a hotel like that. :-)

  12. Aside from the great ambiance of Microtel, the foods here are delicious. For sure everyone loves their stay there.

  13. I have to bookmark this post in case I will visit GenSan someday because the whole place is decent enough for the pricing and as a traveller we must always consider both budget and how well the place is.

  14. Lovely place! I'll list this one on my bucket list! :)

  15. This place looks great! And you look like you get all your money's worth! Will definitely suggest this when we drop by someday! :D

  16. I have heard good reviews about Microtel. Would love to spend a few nights in their hotel.

  17. This is one of the best options if you travel on a budget and would rather put your money elsewhere than splurge in a fancy hotel. I often go for budget hotels and hostels too.

    And can I just say that one of the things I miss traveling down south is the DANGGIT! Super sarap nyan!

  18. P2,800 per room looks reasonable. Microtel has really given us a more affordable accommodation alternative.

  19. The room is quite spacious! Breakfast buffet style is ideal for most travelers so they get to eat as much as they want and forget about being hungry while on tour.

  20. Not bad..
    I have been to Microtel by Wyndham in Baguio few months ago, never thought that the services and the hotel itself is amazing..
    seems like Davao is in for Microtel too. :)

  21. This is definitely a perfect place to say if you're stay-cationing or travelling with friends or family. And the price isn't half bad. :)


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