Wandering Around SM City General Santos

SM City General Santos!
April 23, 2014 - As we arrived in General Santos, I couldn't contain my excitement as we finally set foot and since it's my first time, all I could think was surrealism. I couldn't believe that I'm actually in General Santos: Land of champions and tuna!

Our first destination was SM City General Santos. It's near to where we're staying which is the Microtel. Exterior wise, it looked huge and colorful! It brought colorful vibes especially for the tourists who are first timers in General Santos.

From Carpark Building
As our car was parked in a shaded car park building, this colorful exterior welcomed us and it's like a promise that we'll have a fun and colorful stay in GenSan although the weather was really hot!

SM City General Santos Atrium
Once inside this mall, you'll be welcomed with so much color! The atrium has a pretty big space for special events and concerts although there are still vacant spaces for tenants to occupy. There were not much shoppers and mall rats as it was still Friday morning.

Food Court
The arrangement of the food court reminded me of Abreeza Mall in Davao. It's squeaky clean since it was still morning and the mall didn't open yet. But I've got to say this is a pretty decent food court that I could actually enjoy my lunch!

SM City General Santos have 4 cinemas that the mallgoers could enjoy. From blockbusters to regular films, it can be shown here. We were about to watch a movie after eating our dinner at Karate Kid but as we looked at the schedule, the movie have already started thus, we went to the fountain area instead.

If you want to be updated with the latest gadgets or computers, Cyberzone here in SM GenSan can cater to your needs. It bears a resemblance to SM Lanang Premier's Cyberzone but they only differ in color and design.

Here are more pictures inside SM City General Santos:

My score! On the right. :D
Of course, because I was with my nephews and niece, we reserved our time for some fun at Quantum where we played basketball. I don't play basketball often (or never played!) but shooting a basket is not a problem as I'm capable of doing it! When the game was finished, I'm pretty satisfied with my score. :D

A trip wouldn't be complete without a selfie! Actually, we're really tired of walking around the mall and the least we could do was to sit down, rest and take a selfie! I love the benches of this mall as I could lean on it and make my back relax.

Here are more pictures:

My nephews and niece posed before an arc with summer colors.

My niece posed for a camera. (Taken in the evening on the same day.)

Congo Grille
When outside the main mall, you may be able to find restaurants that you like. From Ranchero to Grab a Crab, Seafood Island, Sumo Sam, Shakey's and restaurants in second floor such as Tong Yang, Hap Chan, you have lots of choices to make.

Starbucks SM City GenSan
Or if you want to relax and have a coffee, you might want to try Starbucks here in SM GenSan as it is the only branch in the city. In the second floor, you'll find the Davao-based coffee shop Blugre and try their signature Durian Coffee.

Fountain at night
When you had a great time playing with the fountain during the day, just wait for the night time and you can see the colorful lights where it is more beautiful and the kids will have more fun seeing different colors! In fact, my niece Jazz and nephew Raphy had a fun time splashing with water coming from the fountain and seeing them running and jumping made me a little concern as they might slip and just get wet even more! But seeing them happy, wearing their smile made me smile too! :D

And.. That's it! I had a good time with my nephews and niece at SM City GenSan as we were just roaming around then try new restaurants, then walk around the mall. I hope I could visit this mall more often if I'm just near to it! At least, I had fun and next time, I'll try more restaurants that are new and unique. Till then! :D

Au Revoir! Thanks for reading!

If you want to know more about SM City General Santos, click the link below:
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  1. SM city here in Bacolod is our suki galaan also with my daughter. Everything you need is in SM place already.

  2. Wow! How magnetic the front view of SM Gensan. It wasn't stood yet since the last time I was there wayback 2011, and i wish i could visit back :)

  3. would love to try the coffee durian, the sound alone makes me dream about it already :) the exterior really is lovely, with all the attractive colors, so pleasing to the eyes, and brings happy vibes.

  4. Wow! so refreshing naman ng interior ng SM. By the look of it, parang mas maganda siya sa MOA. Seems you will not get lost while roaming the establishments.

  5. ahhh..proud of my hometown as it's becoming more blooming every day...glad you have a nice vibes and had fun at sm gensan city.

  6. Awww! General Santos is such a pretty city. I have never been there :-) I love to shop the malls and buy anything that are on sale :-)

  7. Thanks for taking me to a digital tour in SM City Gen San! How are the items in the SM Store? Are there also lots of brands?

  8. My father are from Gen. Santos, I hope I can visit and eat the popular tuna.

  9. SM Supermalls all over the Philippines, have its similarities in every section of the mall. It's like the standard structures they've got all along.

  10. I would love to go window shopping here at SM City Gen San when I visit.

  11. Iba ang dating ng SM na ito from the SM of NCR. Very colorful ang interior design. Salamat po sa virtual tour of SM Gensan

  12. I haven't tried sm city general yet since it's far from us hihi! you guys looked so happy :)

  13. I guess no city experience in the Philippines is complete without going to SM! Haha! The Gen Santos mall looks absolutely wonderful! :D

  14. Hell yeah, that is really a colorful SM. Totally different kind of SM that we know!

  15. The colors in and out of the building looks attractive. Very nice.

  16. This mall looks so big and spacious..

  17. The SM in Gen San has really vibrant colors, which makes it look refreshing compared to other SM Mall.

  18. Aw the SM mall in my hometown is really small compared to GenSan's. This one looks really spacious and organized! :)

  19. Have never visited GenSan, maybe someday. The SM there looks huge. Seems that there is no city where SM is not present. It gives reprieve to residents with the cool air conditioning which is good.

  20. I've never been to GenSan, maybe someday. Seems like there's always an SM mall in every city in the Philippines. It's a great idea though to beat the heat and spend the day there. I used to do that when I was still living in Manila.

  21. wether we like it ornot, SM Malls had really contributed a lot to our country, especially in Metro cities that we can be proud of.
    Visiting an SM Mall is actually furthest in my mind when traveling.
    But I do appreciate visiting them especially when I have time to spare.
    Malls do bring the crowd in, so its also a great place to observe people. :)

  22. For some reason, I've always been intrigue with GenSan and Manny Pacquaio. Not mention, i think a lot of local celebs came from the same place too. :)


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