Bistro Selera's Buchitao

July 8, 2014 - A relative from Eastern Samar came here for a seminar thus, it means an eat-out! And the perfect destination for us to eat was in SM Lanang Premier Fountain Court where you can find restaurants that can be found here in Davao. One of the local restaurants that you can try is Bistro Selera. It is a restaurant that specializes Filipino cuisine thus, it's well-loved by the customers.

Of course, a Filipino dinner wouldn't be complete without a "kakanin" that could cap off the night and it's why my mom ordered Buchitao. Now, what is buchitao? 

Buchitao is a fusion of two kakanins that the Filipinos love; Buchi and Palitao. Now, how to distinguish which is the buchi and palitao? You'll know it's buchi where it has the sesame seeds outside and has the mongo filling inside. On the other side, you'll know it's palitao with its sticky texture and covered with dessicated coconut. It's served with white sugar for sweetness. One order costs 115 Pesos.

Inside Buchitao
This kakanin really has the best of both worlds! The bland taste of palitao can be sweetened with sugar to produce flavor while eating. Remember, don't put too much sugar on palitao side as it can be too sweet. But the mongo filling can also cover the blandness of palitao thus the dessert alone can be eaten with or without sugar. I personally love this kakanin as it is unique and very Filipino. If you love both buchi and palitao, then you must try the Buchitao! Definitely worth trying!

Madayaw! Thanks for reading!

If you want to know more about Bistro Selera, click the link below:


  1. Loving both buchi and palitao gives me every reason to try buchitao and I hope to find them here in Manila.

  2. I like anything that uses sesame seeds. But one question, are these buchitao big? Because they seem a bit expensive.

    1. Let's say, they're just the right size. Hehe! :D

  3. I like palitao than buchi because of its stickiness and grated coconut. I think this yummy too, the combination.

  4. I love both buchi and palitao. I want to try this one.

  5. I know I will love buchitao because I love buchi and palitao! BTW my cousin almost has the same last name as Selera...wonder if they are related or things just got changed through generations, they are originally from Davao too.

  6. Yehey, me and my wife will surely love this buchitao. I go for buchi and she loves munching palitao. Okay ang price.

  7. I'm loving its presentation with the little leaf on top! I do have cravings for kakainin sometimes and your pictures are awakening that craving again.

  8. The presentation is nice with the little leaf on top! I bet it tastes perfect.


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