Celebrate 4th of July @ Vikings, SM Lanang Premier

June 30, 2014 - Dining in Vikings can be one of the most memorable experience when someone visits Davao. When I ask someone if how was the dining experience in Vikings, they would say " There's so much to choose from! I don't know where to start!" Well, my first experience was memorable as I was almost finished in all stations but when I reached the Western one, I couldn't digest it anymore (and I blame the makis for this one!)

Luckily, I got invited again by Vikings to eat like a Viking again! But this time, they want us to try new dishes that will be served starting July 4, 2014 and will be regularly served during weekends. So, what are you waiting for? Let's start sailing! :D

Pier 39 Clam Chowder
First, we were served with Pier 39 Clam Chowder. It is served in a bowl of bread. When I opened, I noticed the mozzarella cheese right ahead and I knew that this soup worth something to sip. This clam chowder has a thick consistency and I loved the flavors of it! It's even better if it's mixed with bread. Yum!

Next up, we were served with salad that has lots of greens and cherry tomatoes. Since I love salad, I consumed most of it and was not able to finish as I was waiting for more dishes to be served. But I love the diversity of this salad which made my eyes feast on them! :D

Shrimp Popcorn
First up, we were served with starters. Shrimp Popcorn is served with breaded shrimps accompanied by a sauce made to combine the taste perfectly with shrimp popcorn. When I tasted this dish, I love the sound of the crunch of this dish. Unfortunately, I was able to taste only one of the shrimp popcorn but it tasted good!

Cheesy Macaroni
This Cheesy Macaroni reminded me of Macaroni and Cheese because of the taste. But I love how they presented it in little quantity fit for us! When it comes to taste, it's a lot better than what I've tasted before when a very well-known noodle company sell mac and cheese flavor. It almost made me puke! Good thing this Cheesy Macaroni didn't made me vomit! But I think it lacked flavor to make me appreciate this one.

Buffalo Wings
When you hear about Buffalo Wings, your mind will register something that the dish is so spicy and hot that can make you decide not to finish it. But this version of Buffalo Wings is like a friendlier one since it only has a little spice on it which is a lot better! It's not just the little spiciness that I love, but also the flavor of it! It's more delicious than I've tried before! The sauce coated on the wings are much flavorful which made me wear a smile on my mind. You've got to try this one when it's served regularly on weekends!

Cheese Sticks
I love cheese sticks especially when they use cheddar ones. They're so tasty and addictive especially if you're a cheese lover. But when this was presented to us, this was not a regular cheese sticks that we use to eat but they're like big ones that we have to call it CHEESE STICKS! Inside the cheese sticks is a big block of cheese but when I tasted it, it was not overpowering that I ended up eating the whole block of it! It doesn't feel anything icky but I think I could finish two blocks of it! :D

New Orleans Seafood Gumbo
In Hot Dish, we were served first with New Orleans Seafood Gumbo. In a bowl, it was served with various seafood favorites. When I tasted this seafood gumbo, the smell was a bit pungent that it reminded me of an Indian dish I ate. But it was delicious though and the flavor was like I've seen on the bowl: Lots of flavors went into my mouth, partying! I couldn't describe each one but I was sure I've tasted tons of them. Try it for yourself! :D

Southwestern Fried Chicken
If there's one chicken dish that I love to eat, it must be fried chicken! This Southwestern Fried Chicken is served with mostly drumsticks with pan gravy for the sauce, mashed potatoes with gravy on top, and a vegetable side dish. The fried chicken was crunchy which I really like, the flavor was a lot different than the usual fried chicken I've eaten. The mashed potatoes were okay and I really didn't dig in. But the vegetable side dish was a winner for me! First spoonful of it and I was in heaven! Maybe they could serve more of it on my plate! (Oh wait, it's buffet so I could have more of it!).

Louisiana Crab Creole
I've eaten crabs before but it was just the meat part. This Louisiana Crab Creole gave me a chance on what is actually the taste of crab meat! In this dish, it has a crab cake below then a crab's claw to which it has meat on it then the marinara sauce. The crab cake tasted okay for me. It doesn't really made a mark in my tongue but the meat of the crab on top was good and tastes better with crab cake. The marinara on top brought spiciness to the Crab Creole which made it better! I hope they could put more flavor on the crab cake when they serve this one regularly.

Hickory Chicken Barbecue and Texas Baby Back Ribs
Now, if there's one reason to dine here at Vikings are these two mouthwatering, savory, sexy dishes! They were so big that it's impossible for us to finish these two monsters of good flavors! These dishes came with cob of corns and caesar salad on the side. Between the two, it's the baby back ribs that I fell in love so hard! First taste of its meat and my eyes popped out because it was just too good! The flavors were superb! It hit a home run in my mouth! The meat was soft that I didn't had a hard time chewing it! In short: YUUUUMMM!

On the other hand, the chicken barbecue is like an another okay dish for me. But it had lots of meat that I began to question myself if I could finish this! But thankfully, I did! Just the meatiest part though.. :D

Root Beer Cajun Steak
I rarely eat steaks and I can only eat it when there's an occasion or just a special dinner at our house. This Root Beer Cajun Steak is served with steak infused with root beer. To complete the dish, they have onion rings on top with vegetables on the side. The steak was cooked medium well and it's mostly suggested in every restaurant (But I like my meat to be well done though!). The meat itself was good but not digging it. It was a bit hard to slice and the meat was a bit chewy. Surprisingly, I love the onion rings more since I eat onions (cooked) in every dish that it is present.

Peach Cobbler
To complete our quest, we were able to try the desserts and it's one of the most sought part of the event. This Peach Cobbler was served in a shot glass with fillings inside (and peach of course!). The plate was beautifully created that I had to take a picture with it! But I was not able to taste this cobbler but it looks delicious though! :D

Apple Pie
I love eating Apple Pie especially when it's homemade and when the cinnamon didn't overpower the whole pie. But when I tasted this apple pie, it was a bit sour to me and since it's in bite-size, I didn't appreciate the flavor that much. I hope they could improve on this one since I really love eating apple pies! :)

New York Cheesecake
Aaannddd.. The runaway winner of all the desserts is the New York Cheesecake! Although the cheesecake itself was soft and creamy, the way it's presented was unique and all of us shared a slice of this delectable cheesecake! The taste reminded me of the Oreo Cheesecake in Tiny Kitchen which was creamy and delightful! If ever I'm in the Vikings for weekends, I would find this cheesecake like I had to eat it! :D

Thank you so much Vikings, SM Lanang Premier branch for stuffing us with oh so delicious dishes that makes our tummy grin so big! I really enjoyed my lunch with DB Peeps and hope to eat all of these soon!

And I almost forgot! If you want to celebrate your birthday here at Vikings, SM Lanang Premier, here are the mechanics that you have to follow! :D

Happy Birthday!
1) Birthday celebrant of all ages can avail the birthday promo on the day itself and on their birthday 

2) Celebrants can eat for free ON THE DAY of their birthday on both lunch and dinner, as long as accompanied by ONE FULL PAYING ADULT.

3) Celebrants can eat for free for ONE MONTH on both lunch and dinner per day, as long as it is within the month of his/her birthday and accompanied by FOUR FULL PAYING ADULT.

4) One full paying adult are adult guests who will be paying full rate without any discounts.

5) Requirements for Celebrants: Celebrant must bring an ORIGINAL and VALID government issued picture I.D. with the birthdate imprinted on it, both local and foreign I.D.s are accepted, for proof (such as S.S.S., N.B.I., Driver’s License, Pag-Ibig, P.R.C., Barangay, Unified, Police Clearance I.D. and Passport) In the case that the celebrant doesn’t have a government issued picture I.D., he/she may bring his/her birth certificate supported by any picture I.D. (school I.D., parent’s I.D., company I.D.).

6) This promo can’t be used in conjunction with our current promotions or discounts.

7) Gift certificates to avail this promo is not honored.

8) This promo is available across all branches.

9) This promo is available until
 December 31, 2014.

For reservations and inquiries, you can call their hotline located on the bottom of their website and on the left tab of their FB Page or send them a PM on Facebook.

Adieu! Thanks for reading!

For more information on their promos and current rates, please click the link below:
Vikings Website


  1. I heard a lot about Vikings. It seems the food is indeed good since many people really do line up in each branch I've seen.

  2. I have never tried it but it looks like the kind of restaurant/food I like! They look so yummy I can eat them on my screen! LOL! I guess they have Vikings in Manila too, right? I thought I saw it in one of my friend's photos. But she didn't share the food photos! :D

  3. Yum, yum, yummy! The baby back ribs makes me drool.

  4. Clam chowder, shrimp popcorn and cheezy macaroni! You just made my day. Vikings, here I come!

  5. Kakagutom. that peach cobbler is something I like to try.

  6. I have been to Davao many times but have never tried Vikings. The photos you posted made me hungry. And it really does look like a feast! Would love to try Vikings when I visit again someday.

  7. I haven't had clam chowder in ages. I could go for all the seafood and all of the dessert. They all look delicioso!

  8. I have been reading many good things about this place. Hope to try it soon especially that cheesecake.

  9. I love the food too much, and really makes me hungry. I heard that Vikings's a place of yummy foods.

  10. They really have all the type of foods at Vikings. It's always a pleasure visiting them.

  11. The food looks too good to eat! I would love to eat at Vikings because of the good reviews I've heard.

  12. Wow I think these dishes are not available in other branches here in Manila. They are all drool-worthy! So delicious!

  13. errrr... makes me hungry! will try Vikings here in manila soon!

  14. Great! We'll be celebrating my birthday at Vikings here in Manila. Hope to visit Vikings at SM Lanang in time.

  15. All those food have made me hungry! I hope I'd get invited to eat at Vikings (for free) again soon so I could watch out for these new items.

  16. Ah, those sumptuous dishes serve there at Viking Davao. Been to Viking Moa and parang iba ang putahe nila dito.

  17. Super miss ko na ang kumain sa VIKINGS. So love the place especially the FOOD...drooling.... :)

  18. Too bad that there is no branch near us. I'd love to try the foods they offer. I've heard they're good and worth your money.

  19. They all look so delish! The dessert looks inviting. But then again, you can't finish everything.


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