Eating Like An Italian @ Italianni's Abreeza Branch

June 25, 2014 - Buongiorno! Eating in an Italian restaurant can make you feel like you've been to Italy to eat their best dishes. I've been to Italian restaurants here in Davao and they didn't seem to disappoint me so far. It is why I've been invited together with my fellow bloggers and media to feast on their new dishes at Italianni's, Abreeza branch. It's exciting since this is only my second time to eat there and couldn't be happier to dine again. :)

Before we eat their new dishes, we were treated with different kinds of breads as our appetizer accompanied with balsamic vinegar as our dip. Their partnership couldn't be any better as they really complement very well in terms of flavor! The sourness of balsamic vinegar coupled with bread is match made in heaven!

A meal wouldn't be complete without a drink and I chose the Lemonade to keep me in company. The great thing is, it does have a slice of lemon in a glass which is worthy to be called lemonade.

Italianni's Salad
First, I tried this Italianni's Salad. When this was served in our table, it was like a cornucopia! It felt like heaven when I saw the salad. It had lettuce, sliced avocados, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, etc. drizzled with a dressing that made me eat more of this Italianni's Salad! Every ingredient was in harmony and got to love the flavor! I was so addicted to this salad and mind you, I could finish the whole plate if you let me do it (of course, it's not gonna happen!).

Sicilian Chicken Salad
The second salad was the Sicilian Chicken Salad. In terms of being colorful, this one bags the top prize! This salad still has the lettuce, cherry tomatoes, diced toasted bread (?), and the chicken salad on top. The chicken salad tasted a bit bland but if mixed with other ingredients, it tasted better.

Baby Back Ribs in Salsa Verde Sauce & Spaghetti Pomodoro
To start off the meals, we have the Baby Back Ribs in Salsa Verde Sauce & Spaghetti Pomodoro. The pasta was cooked in perfect al dente which I really liked! And talking about the baby back ribs, hands down! One of my favorites! Slicing the meat was soft and the salsa verde sauce gave more flavor to the baby back ribs. Price: 295 Pesos.

Herbed Chicken in Caramelized Onion Sauce and Spaghetti Aglio Olio
The second one is the Herbed Chicken in Caramelized Onion Sauce and Spaghetti Aglio Olio. The parts of a chicken being used are the thigh and leg quarter which makes the piece of chicken bigger. The cherry tomatoes on top was a perfect touch to the meal. The pasta was a bit spicy but I don't complain about it as I love everything spicy! The chicken was perfect for me as of course, it's big and the color enticed me to eat it! Price: 295 Pesos.

Braised Short Ribs with Costina Sauce and Garlic Rice
This is the Braised Short Ribs with Costina Sauce and Garlic Rice with Onion Rings on top. The thing is, you can change it with a pasta of your choice (same with other dishes coupled with pasta). Sadly, I wasn't able to try out this dish but you can try it during their weekday lunch. Price: 325 Pesos.

White Fish Roulade with Spaghetti Aglio Olio
Lastly, this is the White Fish Roulade with Spaghetti Aglio Olio. Somehow the pasta looked like the pomodoro or marinara. The fish was cooked perfectly and the pasta tasted great with the fish roulade. I would order this one again soon since I love eating fish! Price: 325 Pesos.

Remember, all of the dishes presented here are only available during weekdays and they're part of the Weekday Lunch Treat. If you have time, just drop by at Italianni's Abreeza and eat like an Italian! Buon Appetito!

Arrivederci! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Italian foods that I liked most is the Sicilian salads. More variety of foods are awesome too.

  2. Wow! I'm loving that salad! It looks really good. It's been a while since I've eaten at Italiannis though. Maybe it's time to go back.

  3. I think eating those bread alone as appetizer would make me full already haha. Bread with balsamic vinegar tastes so awesome! The salad looked so fresh and flavorful.

  4. So tempting, especially their Sicilian Chicken Salad! Honestly, I love Italian food...PASTA and PIZZA are number one in my list.

  5. There's the avocado in the salad again. I've seen a lot of healthy meal posts in instagram. They put avocado in everything.

  6. Thanks for giving me a glimpse what Italianni's has to offer. I always pass by at Italianni's here in Trinoma (ayala mall too) I hope that I could try their dishes soon!

  7. I hate to be brutally honest, but I dont think anyone here, or anyone at Itallianis has actually every had real Itallian food. I am an american and have greatly enjoyed the food here in Davao for the past few weeks-- until I went to Itallianis at Abreeza, that is. Worst food I have had in years and a bad experience to boot. I realize that this is not italy, but after having eaten at places like Claude's and Fridays and had even better food than I usually get in america, perhaps my expectations were too high. Maybe it was the ridiculous prices at itallianis that led me to believe thag I was entering a legitimate restaurant. The first turn from optimism to doubt was getting seated at a dirty table and having to ask repeatedly to get it cleaned. Things went from bad to worse when the lack of air condition hit and I started to glisten with sweat. I ordered an espresso with hot water (americanao)-- it was old and bitter. Asked for cream and sugar. Had to ask again for the sugar. We were served bread with oil and vinegar. Bread was good, but the waiter poored the oil and vinegar for us which u wouldnt ever see in an italian restaurant, and an herb was added to it which is very odd. Next came the caesar salad... What a failure. Hardly any dressing. The dressing that was on it was not caesars. At this point I ought to have cancelled my order and left but I did not want to embarass my wife. Next was the potato chips with truffle sauce. This was actually probably the best thing we ate, however, wholly un-italian. More suited for a midnight stoner snack. The came the pizza. Good sauce, but covered with a thick layer of oil and grease that rendered the crust a soggy mess. Then the herb chicken with noodle. I dont even know what that was. I dont think I have ever had a chicken pasta dish served with the bones in an italian restaurant. There was a topping on the chicken that I could not even identify. Noodles had zero taste. The waitress asked how the food was and I was honest. She took the criticism well. However, when someone lays it on like that it is common practice at real restaurants to "comp" (compensate) the meal as an act of good faith to the customer. I paid full price, which was fine. At this point im sweaty and aggravated. To add insult to injury I had to wait ten minutes to get my change back. Normally I dont go so far to openly criticize a restaurant, but like many people I search the Internet before I choose my restaurant and I did not see any bad reviews for itallianis. So here is my good deed. In conclusion: Itallianni's is poor quality food and distinctly UN-itallian.


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