Pundokan: Kaon, Kalihukan, Kalipay Celebrates Kadayawan 2014

Pundokan 2014
Image from: Pundokan Dabaw
July 22, 2014 - Everyone's excited with this year's Kadayawan 2014 and I couldn't just hide it! Activities are already planned and so this Pundokan 2014 too! Now, you might ask about this awaited event this year. Well, it's the perfect time to tell all of you what Pundokan Dabaw is all about.

Pundokan started last March 2014 during the celebration of Araw ng Dabaw. This was derived from a Visayan term meaning "a place of gathering" or "tambayan" if it's in Tagalog. This was the way for Backyard Burgers to collaborate with other local businesses and artists here in Davao to promote what's this city is all about in terms of food, music and arts.

Image from: Pundokan Dabaw
Now, what's going to happen in Kadayawan?

For the Kadayawan celebration this year, Pundokan Dabaw would like to focus more on Dabaw's music scene. The second BB @ BB finals will be held on August 15, 2014 at Backyard Burgers South (Ecoland) wherein the winner will receive cool prizes! What are they?

1.) A winning band will receive Backyard Burgers Gift Certificate and;
2.) A winning band will be the opening act for Maude and Up Dharma Down on August 16, 2014 still at the same venue.

For a semi-private concert, it can only cater up to 250 guests for a more intimate performance from the Davao's most loved bands: Maude and Up Dharma Down. For tickets, it will be announced through Backyard Burgers and Pundokan Dabaw FB Page. If you want your autographs to be signed and want to meet and greet them, it can happen after the concert.

Here are the mechanics for you to join the Pundokan Dabaw 2014:

Image from: Pundokan Dabaw

Madayaw! Thanks for reading!

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