Kadayawan Sa Dabaw Festival 2014 Schedule

August 2, 2014 - Hi folks and yes, Kadayawan Festival 2014 is near which means, I'm excited! :D

What is Kadayawan Sa Dabaw Festival 2014?

Kadayawan Sa Dabaw Festival is an annual and one of the biggest festivals here in our country. Local and foreign tourists would flock here down south just to experience Kadayawan and since then, the month of August is one of the exciting months in Davao as it features events that would leave a great mark in history.

The highlights of Kadayawan Sa Dabaw Festival are the Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan or Street Dancing which falls on August 16, 2014 and the Pamulak or Floral Float Parade which is on August 17, 2014.

Now, if you want schedules for this year's Kadayawan Festival, just scroll down and take notes.

Image from: Davao City Tourism
If you're a first-timer and want to experience Kadayawan, I suggest that you bring a camera, sling bag and if it's sunny, wear sunglasses and if the weather gets hot, bring some water to quench your thirst. And since the security is tight during the celebration, do NOT bring backpacks and tumbler. Other than that, enjoy the rest of the festivities everyone and remember, keep safe. :)

Madayaw! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Great events! I claim next year I will visit Davao!


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