The Oreo Cheesecake @ Green Coffee, SM City Davao

September 22, 2014 - When we talk about cheesecakes, I would be the first one to raise my hand and just tell everything why I love eating them! Yup! Even though I'm slim, I love eating especially if it's my favorite. It's why I made a promise to myself if ever I drop by at Green Coffee, I would eat their Oreo Cheesecake. Well, it's worth the wait as I just went to SM City Davao just to have a "me" time and treat myself with a delectable dessert!

Green Coffee SM City Davao
Green Coffee SM City Davao is one of their branches here in the city along with Torres branch which happens to be their first branch, the second one is at the SM Lanang Premier branch near cinemas and Bajada branch which has a second floor. This branch however is accessible since it's located between Mango and Shakey's on the first floor. Aside from coffee, they also offer delicious cakes, pastries and my favorite.. Milk tea!

Oreo Cheesecake
I've tried the Oreo Cheesecake at Tiny Kitchen and I had expectations that this version can somehow match the richness of it and it looked delicious though. This cheesecake has Oreo cookies which can add more flavor and taste. Unlike other cheesecakes, since it's Oreo Cheesecake, it needs to have Oreo toppings and crust. Price: 95 Pesos.

Yup! It's me! Wondering how I could finish the cheesecake!
Their Oreo Cheesecake is somehow rich just like other cheesecakes I've tried but what I liked about this kind of cheesecake has balance of flavors. The Oreo crust and toppings neutralized the sweetness which I could enjoy for the whole time.

But a cheesecake is a cheesecake so expect the Oreo Cheesecake to be sweet but if you're a self-confessed sweet tooth, this is for you! But in my case, it's just too sweet for me to handle and the picture is the proof. But hey! I still liked it!

Burp! :D
Despite the overwhelming sweetness of the Oreo Cheesecake, I still managed to finish it off and I was happy to do it! Overall, this cheesecake is a must try for those who want to cap off their meals and just escape into a sweet destination that is Oreo Cheesecake. Thanks to Green Coffee for this delectable dessert and I might return for another round of sweetness! :D

Thanks for reading!

If you want to know more about Green Coffee, just click the link below:


  1. oh cheesecakes are the best, i've learned to make one so i could bake for my family whenever i desire too...

  2. Just looking at your photos makes me drool :) I can't remember when was the last time i had cheesecake. With this post you made me wanna have some as in now :)

  3. I am not very fond of eating cakes but cheesecake is an exception!

  4. I love cheesecakes! Haven't tried the oreo cheesecake yet. However, if you say it is too sweet, then maybe its not for me. I love blueberry cheesecake. Just the right blend of sweet, tangy and creamy.

  5. Bro, ganda ng photo mo.. I also love cheesecakes and that Oreo one is something I like to try.

  6. that looks so delicious :-) I just need to do hula hoop after eating ;) your face said it the most :-)

  7. You are so making me salivate. Ma try nga itong nakakagutom mong food.

  8. Cheese and chocolate are two of my favorite food. Irresistibly delicious....

  9. I guess the cheesecake does not only look yummy in the photo because you were able to gobble the whole slice all for yourself :)

  10. The oreo seems like a perfect crust that can balance out the cheesecake flavor.

  11. I love oreo cheesecakes! Yours looks really yum.

  12. I have a sweet tooth and can never say no to cakes or candy. Would love to try this and also wish I am as thin as you Jonas so I can always indulge in desserts.


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