A Night of Feast @ Trellis N' Vines, Torres Branch

October 8, 2014 - A good food never fails a hungry tummy and it's why Trellis N' Vines graced the scene full of competing restos nearby. But what made them stand out from the rest? Simple: They serve great food in a price where it's not that hurtful with your wallet.

When I was invited to try out their best dishes, I couldn't say no to it since I've also tried their food before when my sister had a baptismal celebration with her daughter at their Matina branch. Since then, I looked forward to eat in their resto once more and yup! The trip was worth the distance I've traveled from home to Torres Street.

Kinilaw na Malasugi
First, we were served with appetizers and they're not just ordinary appetizers but a tasty bunch of them! I've tried the Kinilaw na Malasugi which consists of Malasugi fish, thin slices of radish, green mangoes, and diced red bell peppers. Kinilaw is also known as Ceviche which is mixed in vinegar producing great flavors in the dish. Price: 185 Pesos. 

This is by far, the best tasting Kinilaw I've tried! The ingredients tasted so great that I could hardly describe how delicious it was! The radish, green mangoes and malasugi fish were just in great harmony when it comes to flavors. It's a must try for those who love Kinilaw. :D

Thai Beef Salad
The second appetizer I've tried was the Thai Beef Salad. One thing I've noticed is the abundance of leafy vegetables particularly the cabbage. This salad also has slices of beef cut into strips. I hope they'll balance both the beef and the salad. The silly thing was, I thought it's pork where in fact, it's really beef! Gaah! Oh well, lesson learned. Price: 220 Pesos.

Pomelo Salad
One thing I remember when it's Pomelo Salad, I could think right ahead that it's a Thai dish but this time, Trellis N' Vines formulated their own version and couldn't be happier seeing this salad! The pomelo was sweet and a perfect pair with cabbage and tomatoes. I would love to eat this salad again and indulge! Price: 175 Pesos.

Calamari with Mango Salsa
The last appetizer I've tried is the Calamari with Mango Salsa. When it comes to Calamari, I couldn't deny myself for loving this appetizer but a good Calamari has to be smooth when sliced with a spoon. I dipped it with a sauce and it was a divine! I could have finished the whole plate if I'm the only one eating. Price: 185 Pesos.

Pan Fried Bangus
I love bangus aka milkfish especially when it's boneless as I would have no problem eating its delicious meat and this Pan Fried Bangus is 10X better! It's topped with slices of tomatoes, herbs that goes well with bangus and the flavors were like partying in my mouth! This is a must try for bangus fanatics! Price: 210 Pesos.

Chicken Biryani
At first, I thought this was a Paella due to the color but when I tasted the dish, it had a strong aroma of curry and my tongue sensed that it's a different dish and indeed it was! Chicken Biryani may have a strong smell but the rice was superb! I couldn't describe anything but delicious, flavorful and the chicken was tender and a good combination with the rice.

Crispy Canton
I love pancit dishes and Crispy Canton is one of the list of a must try dishes. It may looked like an ordinary noodle dish but I tell you, it's crispy that every crunch is a delightful sound to my ears! This version however also brought the umami flavor that I love in a pancit dish. If you want something different, go for the Crispy Canton! Price: 195 Pesos.

Chap Chae
If you're into Korean cuisine and really want to try one, then I recommend this beautiful dish and I bet, this Chap Chae will make you fall in love with its taste. Unlike the Filipino counterpart sotanghon, the noodles are thicker but the dish overall packed a lot of flavors and with the mushroom, it made the dish much better in taste! Price: 195 Pesos.

Sizzling Liempo
If you're into hot dish, then Sizzling Liempo might fit your bill. It's bathed with sauce that complements with the liempo that is so smooth and tender when sliced. According to my blogger friend Alyssa, it's delicious and I think, it's worth trying for the pork lovers around. Price: 175 Pesos.

Ox Tail Kare-Kare
If there's a second favorite Filipino dish, it's the Ox Tail Kare-Kare and the color itself is enticing and yes, I was being magnetized to get some and always a perfect pair with bagoong. The great thing was, a generous amount of cooked rice was passed around and it's just undeniably delicious! Price: 245 Pesos.

Mango Pandan with Sago
The last part of our gastronomic experience and happen to be my favorite are desserts! Good thing I reserved more space for them and I started with Mango Pandan with Sago. It's placed in a small glass and this dessert is topped with rice crispies to give more crunch.

Honestly, I didn't find it sweet. Maybe I was expecting too much but I do hope they add more sugar as I really love this dessert but without the sweetness, it's incomplete. Price: 75 Pesos.

Banana Peanut Roll
One look and you might think this is the Turon that we love. Well, you can say that it's Turon but it's called the Banana Peanut Roll. It's lathered with peanut butter, drizzled with chocolate syrup to add more flavor. When I took a bite of it, it tasted weird and didn't understand what it was like. I was expecting it to be sweet since the banana is naturally sweet but it seemed lost.

The flavors that I was expecting weren't there and didn't even reach my expectations. I managed to finish it thinking that I could still find the right taste but failed. Price: 75 Pesos.

Fresh Fruit Crepe
Lastly, anything that is crepe is a target and this Fresh Fruit Crepe was the finale of my feast! With fresh fruits wrapped around the crepe, cream and chocolate syrup drizzled around this tempting but guilt-free dessert, it's just sublime! The great thing is, it reflected to the taste which are delightful, luscious and worthy of a second round! A perfect ending to a perfect night of dinner! Price: 105 Pesos.

With the Davao Bloggers and Media
All of their dishes were so delicious and if I'm to recommend, I would say, you should try them all! But for the desserts, Fresh Fruit Crepe is a must try! Thank you Trellis N' Vines for inviting us to this event! We sure do ate a lot but all of them were just a big YUUUM! 

Thanks for reading!

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  1. mouth-watering! banana peanut roll looks interesting.

  2. The food looks fantastic and delicious! I wonder how mango salsa tastes like? The food is also quite affordable.

  3. I like their dessert options here. The place also looks clean and comfy.

  4. You just made me crave for these foods. Seriously, I am salivating.

  5. I don't know my comments are not going through. Anyways, visiting this post again, I'm still drooling!!! The pan fried bangus looks different. But what i love the most is the Chicken Biryani.. :)

  6. All of the food looks delicious! I want to try them all! <3
    - Shiela Aballa

  7. OMG yummylicious! I miss Davao. I would love to try everything here.

  8. this is what i don't like in blog hopping, craving stomach! Lol!


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