Saging Repablik: Haven For Saging Dishes

Saging Repablik

October 2, 2014 - Located at Tionko Avenue lies a new, industrial type architecture restaurant that stands comfortably amidst the smooth traffic. Saging Repablik made their presence felt and the eyes of the public aware that they're ready for a healthy competition. Among the restaurants here in Davao, they're the first one to actually incorporate dishes with banana. If you want to know more, let's go nearer! :D

The "Cities" that comprised Saging Repablik
You'll know that you're almost in Saging Repablik by seeing the sign. It's easy to recognize since it's visible even at night. The restaurant is actually big and it illuminates the place as it has lights that could make everything really bright. It's why, I prefer to visit the resto at night since it looks more beautiful and for the first timers, an interesting place worth checking out.

Seats outside the resto
Stepping in the resto made me feel excited as I was gonna try what they can offer and just to clear up anything that I've heard. Some gave good reviews on the restaurant while others had negative feedback to say.

I don't want to judge right ahead as it would be unfair in my part that I haven't even tried their food and I just have to rely on other's opinions. It's why I decided to have dinner here to try it myself. The seats outside are intended for the customers who prefer al fresco dining or the seats inside the resto are all taken.

Inside Saging Repablik
Since I want to have a comfortable dinner, I stepped inside the restaurant and noticed the dominance of yellow and black. It had a high ceiling which is a big plus since I'm a bit claustrophobic. They also have more seats upstairs for more customers. The whole restaurant looked amazing and doesn't look boring at all!

The Store
Also inside the restaurant is a store which sells their own merchandise like shirts, bags, and mugs. I think this is a perfect counterpart of Banana Republic. Beware Banana Republic! :D

The Counter
When making an order, you have to be in the counter just like in a 'carenderia' but  you can also customize your own dessert by choosing the ingredients that you want. I didn't took a chance to have one since I only need to have a dinner but next time, I will try to make another visit and create my own dessert!

Their meals are mostly Filipino which we love to eat at home. They also have other options like pasta, salad, appetizers and sandwiches but they don't have banana as an ingredient. I only ordered a dish which has a banana in it.

The Table
After I made an order, I was escorted to the table that I want and I went to a table near the counter so that it'll be easier for me to ask something that I want like the Wi-Fi password or more water. Hehe! The moment that I sat on my chair, they've prepared everything in front of me like I was the king which was the coolest part on dining here at Saging Repablik! 

Everything was new to me like the spoon and fork in a big jar, a jar of water, even the number that looked like a scale and a mini bucket with table napkins. Hats off to the table service! Awesome!

Arroz a la Cubana
I ordered Arroz a la Cubana which is a beef dish. It had a ground beef with raisins and true to their name, they had a piece of banana on the side. It's placed on a sizzling plate. On the other hand, they had plate with a cup of rice and a sunny side up egg which I didn't expect to be included! Nonetheless, it's an added bonus to my meal! Price: 175 Pesos.

The Verdict: The dish was a bit salty but it's tolerable in my part since I like the saltiness of the Arroz a la Cubana but it could have been controlled somehow. However, the banana saved the dish since it's sweet and it's a perfect contrast with the Arroz a la Cubana. The raisins also brought sweetness to the dish. An additional banana would do since I love the combination of their taste. 

The rice on the other hand had a generous serving which the rice eaters would rejoice up to high heavens and surprisingly, the sunny side up egg was flavorful and perfect with rice!

Me enjoying my dinner! :D
Overall, I had a comfortable dinner and the atmosphere was relaxing despite the traffic inside the restaurant but the place made me feel like I was just eating at home and next time, I would love to try their desserts which I would love to create my own! Thank you Saging Repablik for treating me like a king! Awesome place to have dinner! :D

Thanks for reading!


  1. As in banana saging talaga hehehe. On the serious note, this is another place that might be delightful to dine in someday.

  2. this is indeed very interesting resto...quite unique and indeed i'll be going to see as i'm a big fan of banana.

  3. Yaiks! How cool is that!...I love bananas...Now, just how to get there in Davao stands as a challenge...Will see you very, very soon Davao!

    1. I hope I'll see you very soon here in my city! :D

  4. Wow! Another one added to my to-go list when I'm in Davao! Can't wait!

  5. Will definitely try this restaurant when we visit Davao again. Interesting concept. I hope it lasts a long time.

  6. I like how the place made use of simple furniture but with a theme. The color contrast looked quite elegant both from the inside and outside.

  7. the place looks great and so are the foods.Nice review.

  8. I like the branding concept of saging republic with matching city names named after bananas. The place looks cozy and refreshing too.

  9. wow! i love bananas, this place is a must try!

  10. Nakakatuwa naman. Saging Repablik. I'd definitely want to go visit that place when I go there. I love the ambience and how rustic it seems.


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