Marina Tuna, Quimpo Boulevard Branch: Bringing Closer to Home

November 23, 2014 - Whenever I hear Marina Tuna, It's always their delicious and sumptuous seafood dishes being served to the hungry customers who are eager to just feast on them. It's why, they've expanded to SM Lanang to cater more customers.

This day was also special for us as we celebrate the birthday of our dad who's in New Zealand right now with my brother and his family living in Wellington. Because it's his special day, we decided to try this new branch of Marina Tuna here in Quimpo Boulevard near Doughboy. :D

Newest branch in Quimpo Blvd.
This place was occupied by Sito's Restaurant to which I loved so much until they've made a franchise of this restaurant just to bring closer to their location and to our home. From our subdivision, it's just a jeepney ride away and you can now indulge their seafood delicacies that have been loved through all the years since their existence here in Davao.

This is their counter which can be easily found at the entrance of the restaurant. From there, you can take a look of what they offer but since it is a seafood restaurant, they mostly have seafood dishes that you can try. But surprisingly, Marina Tuna is not all seafood but they also have pork and other meat dishes that a carnivore can enjoy. :D

Inside Marina Tuna

Function Rooms
Inside this resto is a big space that half of it can turn into separate function rooms for those who want to have private celebrations like birthday, baptism, wedding, etc. But if there's no reservation, the function room spaces can be used for walk-in diners.

You can also reserve a table if you want. They also have a free WiFi connectivity which you can ask for the password and they'll give it to you right ahead.

Watermelon Shake
To start off the birthday feast, the drinks arrived first and I ordered Watermelon Shake. I don't go with the usual Mango Shake or anything that is common. It's why I went to another direction and tried this shake. As I've tasted the Watermelon Shake, I was like sipping from the real fruit and it sparked my interest how on earth did they made this! It was a bit sweet but very delicious shake! It's closer to the real fruit which made me satisfied.

Tuna Belly Tinola
Tinola is one of the favorites that Filipinos loved to eat and to sip the soup of a tinola warms the throat. Usually, the first thing to do when dining is to sip a warm soup after which, the main course follows. Now, this Tuna Belly Tinola is something that I've tried for the first time and it didn't disappoint me as I've managed to finish a bowl of it. I loved every spoonful of it!

I also tried the other soup which was the Clam Soup. Unfortunately, I forgot to take the picture as I already ate the meat inside the clam but as I've tasted the soup, it seemed to smell funny but I convinced myself that it's just the pungent smell of the clam. But the meat inside the clam was soft but not digging it although it's good to eat just one.

Lechon Kawali
As I've said earlier, they just don't serve seafood dishes but also pork like this Lechon Kawali. It looked delicious from the start but my sister said that it was too crunchy for her. I dunno since it's enticing but it's better if you try this dish out.

Crispy Shrimps
Shrimp dishes are one of my favorites to eat as the meat itself already has flavors that you would surely pick another one all over again and this dish is no exemption. I've tried this dish for the first time in a different restaurant but it was smaller and easy to eat.

This version is a lot bigger and obviously, has lots of meat to eat but my little issue is the crispines of the shrimp especially its skin. When eating crispy shrimp especially the small ones, you have to eat them all with the skin and head. But this version was not as crispy as I've expected although the flavors were there and adding the vinegar added bonus flavors which made me happy somehow but it's just the crispiness that I have an issue. Nonetheless, it's still a dish worth trying.

Pork Belly
Yes, pork lovers, rejoice as they also serve Pork Belly which is superbly delicious to look at. It's wrapped with banana leaves and it serves plus points for presentation. Since I don't eat pork anymore, I didn't bother eating this one but if you love pork and confessed your allegiance to it, then this one might be a perfect food for you to eat once you're in Marina Tuna.

Special Pancit Guisado
Pancit Guisado is a noodle dish with tons of ingredients that can make a simple pancit into something special that is worth mentioning many times. This Special Pancit Guisado is one of them. What made me love this dish is the substitution from pork meat to tuna which made me a happy diner!

All of us agreed that this Special Pancit Guisado is by far our favorite and who wouldn't agree with it? The flavors were just superb and I had spoonfuls of this dish just because.. It's insanely addictive and delicious that hypnotized me for more! Well, it is one of a kind Pancit Guisado and I recommend this dish for those who love pancit as much as I do. :D

With the gang.. Without me (took the picture) and my bro (fetching taxis).
Of course, this celebration wouldn't be possible without my family who loved eating in the restos as much as I do. Thank you Marina Tuna for the sumptuous dinner and since it's near our home, we would love to dine again and again if time permits. If you're hungry and you know it, try this one! :D

Thanks for reading!


  1. I haven't been here, but I got to read positive reviews about the restaurant. Good thing, they only not serve seafood dishes, but they also have pork dishes as well.

  2. wow so delicious naman jan ... when i come back to Davao i will surely try this... i hope they serve sashimi out of tuna ...

  3. It looks like a great place. I miss Lechon Kawali, and hope to try this place soon.

  4. The place looks perfect for large family meals. Plus they do have great food.

  5. I hope Marina Tuna also branch-out here in Manila.

  6. Seems a nice place to dine with spacious interior. The foods are just tempting specially the Lechon Kawali and the Prok belly. Sana unli rice din.

  7. Nice fine place! That crispy shrimps looks really yummy. Love it!

  8. I should be trying this place in my next trip to Davao :)

  9. I love reading your posts about Davao. It makes me want to visit this place in the future. My husband said Davao really has affordable restaurants and with great food.

    1. Thanks! Glad that you like my posts here and I agree with your husband that the food served here in Davao is affordable.. :D

  10. you must try their tinolang manok, for me the best! plus the tuna belly and panga, can't wait to dine there again.


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