Wandering Around Gaisano Mall of Davao

November 3, 2014 - When in Davao, visiting the biggest mall is a must and Gaisano Mall of Davao must be on your list. It's why I decided to stroll around the mall and take pictures of the recent developments. This will be another informative mall tour that all of you must take note. :)

Gaisano Mall of Davao opened its doors to the public since 1998. Unlike other malls, the development went gradual every floor. I remembered visiting this mall with my dad and it was still the first floor that opened. Through the years, it gained popularity and since then, it's a mecca for mallgoers and right now, it's still improving, competing with other malls here in the city.

When you're inside this mall, on your right, you'll see the National Bookstore. There are 2 stairways leading to the below ground floor and upper ground floor. You can find the supermarket and restaurants below ground floor. Most notable stores are Dunkin Donuts, Pizza Hut, Mang Inasal, Gonuts Donuts, Mix N' Magic, Igloo, Living Bread, Goldilocks, Euro Baker & Cafe, etc.

Upper Ground Floor
Upper Ground floor are mostly popular clothing lines and fast food chains. Clothing lines that are found on the Upper Ground floor are Bench & Her Bench, Penshoppe, Human, Loalde, Plains & Prints, F&H, Lee, Kashieca, Oxygen, Rusty Lopez, Wrangler, ForMe, Mossimo, etc.

Popular restaurants and fast food chains that are of the same floor are Jollibee, McDonalds and Shakey's. Also on this floor are those who want to eat delectable desserts like Krispy Kreme, Cafe France and Red Ribbon.

Port Cafe
When you're not into fast food and want the comfort of a restaurant, Port Cafe is a great choice. It's located on the second floor. From rice meals to pastas and desserts, they have it all. Whenever you're in this area, there are also stores that sells fashionable items. Some are services like dental clinic. It's like a mall within a mall.

Blugre Coffee
Jewelry Stores
Here on the second floor, you can find mostly stores that sells trendy apparels and has a specific area for jewelry stores. You can also find Blugre Coffee that sells not just great coffee but delectable desserts too!

Third Floor
Moving on to the third floor, it's mostly housed with salons, gun shops, milk tea stores, tech stores, etc. You can still find a resto on this floor such as Dimsum Diner (the red one).

Inside Spazio
Spazio is known as a nook for cellphone and accessory stores. Before, the right side of Spazio houses restaurants that provided comfort and good food. For many times, I've been a loyal customer in one of their restaurants and indeed, I had fun eating lunch at their place and yes, I missed the place badly.

But this transformation brought light and more stores. It also drew more customers who wants to have new cellphones or have them repaired or just want to have accessories on it. :D

Here are more pictures on the third floor..

As you may notice, most stores on this floor deals with technology like cellphones, computers. Some are services like barbershops, salons, photography. Milk tea stores such as Frappeteano and 360 Milk Tea are also here to serve customers who are addicted to this thirst quenching but healthy beverage.

Fourth Floor
This portion used to be the home of "Sonic Boom" which is an arcade for students who just want to have fun playing video games. Right now, it is housed with clinics, ticketing services and Netopia which can be found on the side (not in this picture).

Here are more pictures of the fourth floor..

Added area
This area was occupied by Bingo before it was transferred to the fifth floor. This area provided a much needed shortcut and now, it houses SkyFun 6D, SVS Salon, Wonderland, Fun Maze and Sonic Gameworkx (Sonic Boom).

Sonic Gameworkx
This is now the new area of Sonic Boom which is renamed as Sonic Gameworkx. It's noticeably smaller but it fitted all video games that are popular and repeatedly played for a long time.

Array of Snack Counters
After a tiring game in Sonic Gameworkx, you might want to retreat into something fulfilling for your tummy and this array of snack counters is the answer to your problem. They sell variety of snacks that you can choose. And nothing to worry as they also provide tables and chairs for you to have comfortable eating while sightseeing. :D

G Cinema
If you're into movies, then G Cinema is the perfect choice! Right now, it houses 8 cinemas for you to choose what movie you want to watch. I recommend to watch a movie in Cinema 1 and 8 since they provide comfort while watching your favorite movie.

Food Hall
This is now the new food court here in G-Mall and it's renamed as Food Hall. This area was the home of G Store which it has transferred to its new location which was also the area of the old food court. The Food Hall appears to be the smaller version of the former food court but it's convenient and more organized as the food tenants were easily located at the sides.

Mandarin, Rai Rai Ken and G Store
If you're not into the atmosphere of the food court, you can always choose between these two restaurants namely Rai Rai Ken and Mandarin Tea Garden. Rai Rai Ken mostly serves Japanese food while the Mandarin Tea Garden serves Chinese food. From afar is the G Store which sells wardrobes, sofas, couches, mirrors, beds and anything that you need for your home.

Restaurants heading to The Peak
For those who are old timers in this mall, you'll remember clearly how this was as a big food court which we loved and missed. But right now, it is located just at the other side of this floor. This area now houses restaurants such as Manang's Chicken and Dencio's. Going left are more restos such as Razon's and Tealoca which serves milk tea.

Fifth floor
For years, this was a mystery in my life on what's on the this topmost floor since it had stairs leading to it. I've been tempted to check upstairs, check it out and just go down right after. I never knew that this will be indeed an additional floor and right now, it houses mostly stores that sells bicycles and its accessories.

If you're a fan of toy collectibles, mybox is the answer. It houses rare and collectible toys that you can buy or if you're a seller, you can have your own locker and display all of your collectibles. Even though you'll just roam around, it's like visiting a toy convention everyday in this store. :D

Bingo and SkyZone
I've mentioned Bingo earlier and now, it has a new home just beside SkyZone. Even though they're located in the topmost floor, mall goers still visit this floor and for instance, I visit this floor if I just want to check out anything. :D

Customer Lounge at The Peak
You might wonder where can you find this new Customer Lounge. Well, this is found at The Peak on the right side. This provides comfort for those who want to have a no-crowd restroom and experience comfort. 

Inside Customer Lounge
Inside Customer Lounge is a spacious interior fit for the whole gang who wants to relax from a busy atmosphere inside the mall. Most of their sofas are made of rattan so you'll get the feel of modern and Filipino style. You have to pay 10 Pesos for you to enjoy this privilege. :D

Spacious restroom
And yes.. It's me on the side.. :D
Inside this restroom is a big space for me to do some somersault but really, I just can't do it. It really feels more comfortable once you're in a paid restroom. This is what you'll get - less chaos, no-crowd and comfortable restroom. :D

And.. This ends my virtual tour on Gaisano Mall of Davao. I hope I've helped those who are still new here in Davao and wants to roam around the biggest mall in Davao. 

Thanks for reading!

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  1. you have so much time. I envy you. hehehe. Nice mall BTW

  2. I've been looking for this CUSTOMER LOUNGE in GAISANO MALL...whew nasa THE PEAK lang pala! Thanks for your post my friend, now I know where to go...a CR that have chairs to sit down and relax.

  3. Gaisano is such a nice mall comparable to several malls here in Metro Manila. Ayos sa gimik bro, less budget pero fun naman.

  4. That's a great mall to have a bonding with your love ones

  5. Gaisano Mall in Davao feels like the high end malls in Makati. Definitely, a great place to hang out and shop.

  6. Gaisano Mall of Davao is very spacious. bigger and larger as compared to Gaisano Mall of Bacolod. Now we've the biggest mall comparable to GM there in your place. It is the Mall of Asia, SM.


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