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JavaJive Bajada Branch
November 30, 2014 - When you're in a place where the atmosphere is at the most relaxing and at the same time, you hear songs from the local talents here in Davao, well, you're in the right place! JavaJive Bajada recently opened their second branch to cater more customers for those who have hard time reaching their first branch which is in Quirino.

Since it's their newest branch, they've invited bloggers to have a taste on their food but the thing is, their ingredients are organic and imported, making sure that what they serve is clean and fresh. It's why, we were excited to taste them! But first, a tour of their new branch is a must! :D

Al Fresco Area
When you arrive at this branch, you'll notice an Al Fresco area that can now cater more customers. This branch utilized the area and it's why, the area is favorable for those who don't have enough seats inside or they just want to stay outside the coffee shop.

Inside JavaJive Bajada 

As you can see, their counter has more space than their Quirino Branch and the interesting part is, the wood they've used for the counter are the same wood that has been used by the former occupant which was the Space Burger. Therefore, they've saved lots of money by using them.

Inside JavaJive Bajada is a big space that a claustrophobic won't fear of feeling so congested. I actually love how they've used the space that I would feel comfortable right away while eating healthy snacks, sipping their drink or listening to the music.

In their Quirino Branch, they've used big sofas for the big group as to really feel at home away from home. In this branch though, you may not fear of occupying a big space as you could have a table of your own while doing your business.

And as per tradition, every 8 PM is a night that the performers would perform acoustic songs that would serenade the customers. The singers during the event were so good that we would just love to listen their own rendition of popular songs.

The Food!

Tuna Salad on Ciabatta
To start off with the taste test, we were served with sandwiches. For health buffs and advocates, you'll love this as they're made with organic ingredients which would prove that what you're eating is healthy.

First, we had Tuna Salad on Ciabatta. It is a hefty mix of tuna in brine, organic mayonnaise, mixed herbs and chopped shallots, sliced cucumber and green lettuce served on a white ciabatta bread. It's much like of a tuna sandwich that I eat but what made me love this sandwich are the use of organic ingredients which would secure me well in my health and it's an upgraded sandwich that both the kids and adults would love to munch on.

Chicken Pesto on Focaccia
The second one is the Chicken Pesto on Focaccia. It's a mix of a shredded chicken white meat, onions and a homemade pesto sauce (fresh basil, mixed nuts and almonds, olive oil and herbs), sliced cucumber, and green lettuce served on a focaccia bread.

When I think of pesto, it would always be like pesto pasta right away but when this was served to us, I thought it's interesting since I've never tried it in a sandwich but I was blown away when I tasted it! The ingredients were perfectly matched and again, it's healthy! I will never feel any guilt when I eat this sandwich as I could have more of this! :D

Henri's Bowl
 Yup! You've read it right! It's Henri's Bowl and I stole it from him (wehehe!). This recipe is named after him who happened to a Frenchman and good news: It's an authentic recipe and you can taste it only at JavaJive Bajada.

Actually, it's a Seafood Marinara pasta dish made with penne and bolognese sauce (whole tomato, herbs and seafood-beef stock) , topped with freshly sauteed sliced seafoods (malasugue, shrimps, octopus, and/or clams). I'm a fan of this pasta as it's not sweet, has balanced flavors and I could just get more of this pasta. If you're into this kind of pasta, I would recommend this one.

Belgian Chocolate Mousse (below), Les Opera Moist Cake, Banana Crunch

Who wouldn't love desserts? Yes! We were served with delectable desserts that would take us to nirvana. Surprisingly, I found myself indulging with the Les Opera Moist Cake that is a signature cake topped with an Italian chocolate ganache pinned with edible gold on top. The thing is, they make sure that it's affordable but a delicious one.

Their Belgian Chocolate Mousse was just awesome as it contains 75% dark chocolate mousse topped with a handcrafted tuile that looked like a G-Clef. It was smooth when scooped out with a teaspoon and just melts in your mouth but my nose said otherwise though *allergy* :'(

Their Banana Crunch is a JavaJive bestseller cupcake made with ripened bananas and white cake base topped with crunchy biscuit bits. It's lighter and would be happy to eat more of it unlike the banana cake that we used to love that is dense.

Overall, they're really good and take note, most of the ingredients are imported so you're guaranteed that what you're eating is something that you would order again and again. :D


Chocolate Chip Peppermint Twist
This is the Chocolate Chip Peppermint Twist where it's available during Christmas time and it's a cool way to celebrate this holiday season with this drink! It is a Jazz-blend of signature Chocolate Chip Serenade and Peppermint Syrup.  

 In taste area, it really is delicious and my favorite so far and it has a subtle taste of peppermint flavor in this drink. Still, it's really good and a refreshing beverage that I would order.

Salted Caramel Milk Tea with Fine Salt and Cheese
This is their newest bestseller which is the Salted Caramel Milk Tea with Fine Salt and Cheese. It is a Jazz-blend of authentic Taiwan black tea hand-shaken with Salted Caramel sauce, topped with a salt and cheese concoction mixture. 

When I tasted this milk tea, the first sip was good but it went very salty that turned into unbearable stage where I couldn't drink anymore. Maybe it was very concentrated in a shot glass that made the milk tea very salty. A control of saltiness will do for this milk tea as it is delicious if not for the high amount of salt in a shot glass. Next time.. ;)

Milk Tea
As the Salted Caramel Milk Tea was just so salty, they offered us with the Milk Tea which is a big relief and indeed, this Milk Tea saved us and actually enjoyed every drop of it! This one deserves a rating of YUM! :D

Davao Bloggers with Aj Fernandez from JavaJive
Thank you so much JavaJive Bajada Branch for a wonderful night! From pasta to sandwiches to the desserts and add the relaxing atmosphere and soothing voices from the performers, it made the event more special and complete! A big thanks to Aj Fernandez for entertaining the bloggers with so much information about JavaJive. Till next time! :D

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I'm in love with the taste of chocolate and peppermint combined. That drink looks wonderful with the toppings oh-so-tempting. The Salted Caramel Milk Tea with Fine Salt and Cheese is like calling my name. I want that too! :)

  2. I haven't been to Davao so I will take note of visiting this place one day. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The place looks clean an cozy to dine inside. The sandwiches are deliciously prepared with my favorite bread; focaccia and ciabatta.

  4. bilib talaga ako sa bonding ng mga Davao bloggers. Very active. Nice place to held the event. The foodies are simply great.

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  6. The food looks yummy plus the place looks so cozy and fancy at the same time. Would love to drop by there sometime

  7. #foodporn overload!!! The place is awesome, it would be great if I ca there and try Henri's Bowl. Well done!!!

  8. Big space indeed, compared to their first branch in Quirino and amazing relaxation areas too! Speaking of relaxing, there's also time to sing and jam with singers.

  9. That Belgian chocolate looks yummy. The good thing about this place aside from a dessert house, there is a band performing - not boring like in a typical coffee shop or resto.

  10. The Henri's bowl looks really tasty. The place is an excellent hangout among friends where you can eat, chat and have a great time.

  11. I like the place, it looks cozy. Parang nasa bahay lang so I think I'll be comfortable there too.

  12. this post made me miss Davao...I love those Belgian Chocolate Mousse :)

  13. Wish I was there! I'm a sugar hound so I can't say no to all the yummy desserts and drinks you've posted. For me, Davao has always been a trend setter and early adopter. I remember in the late 90s when I visited Davao for the first time and my customer there took me to Blugre. I was impressed and couldn't wait to tell my friends back home.

  14. parang ang sarap ning mga sweets! sure ako na madaming masisira ng diet pag nakita yan.hahah

  15. The place looks warm and cozy. Good food plus good music is a perfect combo.


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