Apple Pie a la Mode: The Marriage of Caramel Sundae and Apple Pie

February 13, 2015 - Have you heard a perfect marriage? Well, I do and they don't come as human beings but I'm talking about two delicious desserts perfectly combined in one cup! Yup! I'm talking about the caramel sundae and apple pie in one impeccable union!

Weeks since it's debut at McDonald's, I couldn't help but to think about the Apple Pia a la Mode that they've been talking for weeks and how satisfying it is to eat that dessert! Days of salivating and my eyes are already agonizing on when can I eat the infamous Apple Pie a la Mode!

Well, just a day before the Valentine's Day, I already secured a date with the darling of all desserts and she was waiting for me for the whole afternoon! :D

Apple Pie a la Mode
When I arrived at McDonald's, with no second thoughts, I fetched my sweetheart at the counter and eagerly waited for minutes. Witnessing the creation of the dessert was exciting and it was fast too! The moment she landed on the tray, there she was: Looking delicious, waiting to be submitted in my world. Well, this Apple Pie a la Mode is priced at 45 Pesos. :D

Closer look with my date. :D
One thing that turned me off was the size of the cup. My darling Apple Pie a la Mode was small but still, she looked delicious, waiting to be consumed. Despite its size, it didn't fail in the taste part. It is sweet but combining the taste of apple pie and caramel sundae was sublime! Well, if you're a sweet tooth, you'll love this one and since the size is not enough, you might actually want another one!

But, I do hope next time that they'll have a bigger size of this cup because.. I just want more! Maybe if they have a bigger one, they might want to add more sundae and apple pie to really satisfy the cravings especially if a customer is dead hungry. Overall, it's a sweet escapade for those who want a sweet day just like I did!

Thanks for reading!


  1. That looks enticing. My boyfriend would've loved that apple pie ala mode!


  2. Looks so yummy... i'm glad that I brushed my teeth or else I would have put something in my mouth right now

  3. This looks yummy! Perfect for the summer. Will try this soon!

  4. Wow! I am drooling na. But I can't have sweeties for a while. In due time, I'll try it.

  5. looks yummy! you are right! they should serve bigger serving of this...hahahah

  6. Perfect to ease the summer heat. Now thinking of going to McDo.

  7. I told you masarap talaga siya...hehehehe....salivating now! I need this sobrang init sa Davao!!!!!


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