A Healthy and Hearty Dinner @ Gangnam Davao Cafe & Restaurant

April 15 2015 - Korean restaurants are like mushrooms: They're sprouting everywhere due to the influx of Koreans who are studying here in Davao and also for us to try their cuisine like we've been transported to their country.

Well, I can't deny that I love trying every cuisine here in Davao, searching for new flavors and I just wanna try everything new. It's why when I had the chance to try at Gangnam Davao, I didn't think twice of having a hearty dinner and just pig out for the night. :D

Inside Gangnam Davao

Gangnam Davao boasts wide space interiors that a claustrophobic would love to do somersault inside the resto. The first time I went here was like I was being transported to Seoul and it looked amazing! The interior reminded me of usual cafe's in South Korea especially from their dramas where they have scenes in coffee shop or in a restaurant.

It's an awesome place to just unwind and chill out with your buddies! They also have books for you to read but I'm no bookworm though! (Just give me tons of articles to read and I'm solved for the night!)

Internet/Waiting Station (The best so far!)
Gangnam Davao accepts reservation for lunch or dinner. Walk-in customers are still very welcome to dine at the resto BUT if you run out of seats (like what happened to me last night), they'll recommend you to surf the internet for a while and it's for free!

They'll just tell you if there's a vacant table ready for you. I think this is a very great idea considering that I'm one impatient customer who abhors waiting for too long and I tell you, I had fun surfing the internet while waiting.

Chocolate Moist Cupcake (For free!)
Since I'm one unfortunate customer who ran out of seats, I was given a Chocolate Moist Cupcake by the owner for free! I was pleasantly surprised and whether you believe this one or not, I was touched at this gesture and this means one thing: They care for their customers so much! This made me happy and went back to surfing the internet. The cupcake was really moist and the frosting was divine! But I want more of the chocolate though. :D

Beef Bulgogi with free side dishes and Egg Soup
Choosing the best food from their menu was like making a decision for your future whether you want it or other ones. This was hard for me since I can be so indecisive what to eat and I felt pity for the waitress who had to endure my indecisiveness on what to eat. I even asked her the best-sellers, her recommendations, just anything for me to have a great dinner.

I remembered promising that if I'll visit this resto, I'm gonna make sure I'll try their Beef Bulgogi and indeed, I ended up ordering their Beef Bulgogi. It's priced at 290 Pesos with free side dishes and an Egg Soup.

The Side Dishes

Marble Potatoes
Of course, Korean cuisine will not be complete without side dishes that you can munch while waiting for your main meal. Even though you already have the main meal, you can still eat these side dishes and it's what I did! :D

Personally, I love the Marble Potatoes simply because, I love potatoes and the sizes are like the marbles that we used to play before. It's because their small, you don't have to peel the skin as you can also eat them right away. It's earthy and has all the balance of flavors that I want. They looked like wrinkled but it's still delicious. 

Sauteed Eggplant and Fish Cake
The Sauteed Eggplant also tasted good, just like how my sister cooks them but again, the flavors were balanced which I happily indulged. With sliced carrots, bell peppers and spring onions, everything was just complete! :D

The Fish Cake doesn't have strong flavors which I didn't expect but come to think of it, it's perfect that way since all I've tasted were all delicious and the Fish Cake is perfect to have the flavors toned down a bit.

Lastly, The Kimchi will always be spicy but a flavorful one. I admit, this was the Kimchi that I wasn't able to finish due to its spiciness. As much as I want to eat them all, damn! I couldn't force myself to do it but anyway, it's still great as it is. :D

My Main Dish

Beef Bulgogi with Rice
And here's my main meal which is the Beef Bulgogi with Rice. It consists of perfectly cooked thin slices of beef, glass noodles, slices of onions, red bell peppers, carrots, and spring onions. I'm pleased that their rice was not as much as I've expected. I was well aware that the serving will be big and I never thought I'm gonna eat lots of beef! O__O

For the verdict: While eating, I was pleased on how balanced the flavor was; Not too sweet, nor salty. Their beef was easy to chew and their glass noodles were as plenty as the beef but it tasted very well too! It's earthy and just the right balance of flavors. The flavors may not be as explosive as you've expected it to be but it's pleasant which it can make you finish the whole plate with a happy stomach being satisfied. :D

Overall, my dinner was very satisfying! They were very accommodating to their customers which is a big plus in my list. I could actually relax while having dinner which includes, surfing the internet, talking with friends, and just have fun! I'm pleased with this experience and might be back for more! :D

Thanks for reading!

If you want to know more about Gangnam Davao Cafe & Restaurant, please click the link below:


  1. I love the interior of the place. It's pretty rustic and cozy with earthy tones. I haven't been to Seoul but maybe the only thing that's missing here is the cold weather. :P

    1. I know! If only we have cold weather here, this place would be perfect! :D

  2. That seems to be a good meal. I hope you try their other dishes next time.

  3. Is that a bulgogi mixed with Japchae? Koreans are very generous with their appetizers. That's what I love about them!

  4. Great review of a Korean restaurant. It has been a while since I have been to Davao this place looks like a good place to visit during my return.

  5. Read so much of negative reviews about this place, and honestly my Aunt went there but they left the place and transfer to another resto. Nangaon sila kadali...nibalhin sa pikas kay walay lami ang food. Then she PM'd me I should visit the place and say my verdict...oh well, kani laging busy kaau tah...until now wala pako ka visit..cge lang some of this days...I will visit Gangnam Davao.

    1. Well, we have different taste buds. I've also read negative reviews but I can't judge just because of the reviews. It's why I went to this resto and tried their food myself and it's pretty delicious! I recommend that you order what I've eaten here. :)

  6. Type ko yung interior ng place but the foodies, pagiisipan ko pa.

  7. really nice interiors! great they didn't fill the spaces too much with tables! :) i love korean food as well! :)

  8. It looks like they have great tasting meal. The place looks clean too and it's nice you got a cupcake too.

  9. Napasmile naman ako sa "Gangnam" hehehe. The kimchi is making me drool!

  10. The restaurant looks fancy inside as well as the food I wonder if its affordable ?

  11. oh..the food looks really good...

  12. It looks like a very clean restaurant. I love all the foods you shared Brother. Now I want some of those.


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