Press Release: South Park Weekend Market; The South Is Catching Up!

April 16, 2015Opening on Friday, April 24, 2015 is SOUTH PARK Weekend Market -a weekend lifestyle market at the open ground of Damosa Market Basket in Lanang, Davao City.

Fridays and Saturdays are intended for the working professionals and South Park is a venue for them and their friends to relax and unwind with great shopping finds, good food, and quality entertainment at the end of the week. It opens by 5:00 in the afternoon until midnight.

Sundays at South Park means healthy lifestyle, green and healthy foods and family bonding.  You can have a healthy breakfast after an early morning exercise, indulge into shopping of fresh farm produce, and have a healthy lunch after the morning mass or bond with your love ones with a good meal in the afternoon till night to wrap up your weekend. 

Just like the other popular weekend markets in the country, South Park is garnished with exciting activities and wholesome entertainment options every weekend  to add up to the promise of an awesome shopping and dining experience.

SOUTH PARK AT DAMOSA is an outdoor trading post at the heart of Davao that encourages and supports local farmers and food producers (from fresh farm produced to delicacies and gourmet selections); local artists and their crafts in various forms, colours and sizes; and traders of eclectic selections of apparels and accessories to exhibit and trade their merchandise to the buying public.

SOUTH PARK was conceptualized and organized by Dumoresources Corporation and was augmented by the generous support of Damosa Land inc. Its doors are now open to interested vendors and exhibitors. The market is also open for companies and organizations for venues of their marketing activities in exchange of sponsorship.  

The organizers intend to allocate part of the proceeds of SOUTH PARK to  some chosen charitable institutions and their cause. Your indulgence at South Park Weekend Market contributes to a noble purpose.

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If you want to know more about South Park Weekend Market, just click the link below:
South Park Weekend Market on Facebook


  1. Davao is really a beautiful place. Been there only once but would love to come back again. See you again Davao... soon.

  2. Great idea! can't wait to go to Davao. This event is really great. Weekend markets is great for the Davao Community


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