Make Your Weekend Different @ Damosa South Park Weekend Market

April 24, 2015 - When we think of weekends, we always look up for great things ahead especially when we're searching for a place to hangout with friends. Well, let's spice up a bit! :D

Damosa is well known for a row of restaurants that opens at night. If you're from downtown, just look to the right and you'll find yourself in a different world where shopping and dining is perfectly placed in a location where people from all walks of life converge in a weekend full of excitement and gastronomic experience! Friends, I'm talking about South Park Weekend Market at Damosa. :D

USEP Polifonico Harmonica Chorale
South Park Weekend Market at Damosa runs until the month of May. They're open every Friday till Sunday of the month from 5 PM to 12 AM. Exhibitors from food and drink will display their best buys and bestsellers, making sure that the customers will have their satisfaction guaranteed.

To start off the program, the opening was led by USEP Polifonico Harmonica Chorale with their rendition of "Lead Me Lord" and "Lupang Hinirang".

Welcome Message by 2nd District Councilor Alryan Alejandre
Ribbon Cutting for the official opening of the South Park Weekend Market
As to formally open the weekend market, the ribbon cutting ceremony was held right after the welcome message of 2nd District Councilor Alryan Alejandre. With the officials of Damosa Land, Councilor Alryan Alejandre and event organizer Rick Bongar Campos, the South Park Weekend Market was officially opened!

The exhibitors for the South Park Weekend Market 

Green Bounty
Green Bounty mainly serves dishes using fresh ingredients straight from the farm. They also serve Greek dishes that made me excited a bit since I haven't tried one. Well, I did tried their bestselling dish "Kafta Kebab" and it was so good! The vegetable salad was fresh and the kebab may be really big but c'mon! I love everything in it! :D

If you're into dumplings and just eating light, this might be perfect for you. They serve mostly siomai that can fill up your cravings or if you're into budget eating.

Cucina Ilocana
Known for Bagnet and Big Empanada, Cucina Ilocana boasts most of the Iloko dishes for those who are into their kind of cuisine. This was my first time to try their specialty which was the Empanada. I tell you, it's really big like the whole egg was inside the Empanada and it's perfectly paired with an Iloko vinegar. :)

For some cool refreshments and affordable snacks, Freshko is a great destination! They have various flavors of shakes that can leave you scratching your head on choosing the best one. They also have Pancake Popsicle which is.. A pancake in a popsicle! Fancy ei!

If you're a die-hard pomelo fan, maybe, this is a perfect spot for you to choose the best and sweetest pomelo that you'll bring home and share with your family or yourself! They also have other goods that you can choose from.

Dessert Fairies
If you're a self-confessed sweet tooth who has absolute craving for desserts, just come out and Dessert Fairies will take care of everything that you're salivating for! From cookies to brownies and pastries, they'll take care of all what you want! :D

Yanii's Sweet Tooth
Desserts in a jar? Yanii's Sweet Tooth sure can deliver what you want! If you're into something that can be eaten without being too messy, you can just satisfy your cravings with your favorite desserts in a jar that you can eat everywhere! Again, this is a destination for sweet tooth customers who want a guilty satisfaction over the weekend. :D

Cafe France
Freshly baked breads are one of the specialties when you're in Cafe France. And they still proved that it's still one of the best and a must try for customers who are in this weekend market. They also have a Buy 1 Take 1 promo where you can get 2 breads in a price of one. :D

A trip to little Japan wouldn't hurt your wallet anymore as they brought it right here at South Park Weekend Market! From Japanese goods that you love to the Cold Tea that is affordable, everything's just right for your budget and you may even bring them home!

Teriyaki House
Now, who's up for dinner? Well, I do! And Teriyaki House can fill up your hungry tummy as they serve generous amount of food that will leave you satisfied and maybe, buy more till you're contented. :D

Here are some stores that you shouldn't miss at South Park Weekend Market:

Every weekend, there will be performers that will serenade the night while shopping and dining at the weekend market. This is a great chance for the musicians who want to perform even for a weekend.

If you have plans to dine at South Park Weekend Market, you can visit during Fridays and weekends and don't forget to bring your friends or family for more fun and camaraderie. Till then! :D

Thanks for reading!

If you want to know more about South Park Weekend Market, click the link below:


  1. Oh wow this place is bustling with everything I love - exciting food, shopping at tiangges, listening to live music, and other fun stuff to do on a weekend. I want to try desserts from Dessert Fairies. I hope they also have a branch that caters to Manila. :)

  2. This is just perfect for me. Being a masa boy, mas type kong pumunta sa mga ganitong place.

  3. A place to make a full-stop to hear the artists and slowly shops some items.

  4. That was so far. I hope there will be something like that here in our place.

  5. you had me at Iloko dishes! but sana may malapit nyan samin :(

  6. That's just a walking distance from my house. Actually, I drop by at SouthPark after our event at Seda to buy the grilled bangus because I find the price just right and not that expensive.

  7. Food and shopping is a good treat on a weekend. Plus a serenade on a market is so wow!

  8. This is totally awesome. I love thrift shopping. This is very similar to "night market, street market" here in Thailand.

  9. Hmp, bat wala ako dito? Hahahaha..di mo aq invite...hahahaha..anyway..I heard about this also, love to join the event, but you know me naman so hectic ang schedules. Anyways, next time invite mona ako..hehehehehe

  10. I love going to Weekend Markets! The Bagnet and Big Empanada from Cucina Ilocana is something I would purchase.

  11. Its nice to know that Davao has this type of market as well, i have several friends who live there and i am planning to visit Davao soon.

  12. This is heaven!! I'm starting to love Davao na. Hope I can be there soon :)

  13. Davao is awesome and hoping that one day I will visit your place. Peaceful and full of friendly people.


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